Aeromexico is the national company of Mexico. For all departures from airports in the European Union, the company must comply with the regulations in case of disturbances (cancellation, delay, ...).

The tool below is an effective way to claim compensation for damage suffered by the airline.

Cancellation ... When to ask for compensation?

The company is not responsible for cancellations caused by extraordinary circumstances (meteorological conditions, political instability, non-sea crew strike, ...). Unless the company is able to prove this, it is obliged to refer to the European regulation  261/2004 on assistance and compensation.
Therefore, the company must offer assistance (refreshment, meals, communication and accommodation if necessary) and leave the choice to travelers between a re-routing or refund.
Travelers can claim and claim compensation up to € 600 (depending on flight itinerary)

Denied Boarding

A denied boarding at the airport? The cause is often the overbooking done by the companies to avoid less places after cancellations!
In this case, the company offers services to some travelers if they agree to give up their reservations.
Voluntary or involuntary, travelers have the right to choose between re-routing or reimbursement and compensation (depending on their waiting time at the airport).
Travelers are therefore eligible for compensation of up to € 600 for flights over 3500km.

The delay...

For any delay that exceeds three hours, travelers are entitled, through European regulations, to claim compensation up to € 600 (depending on the flight path).
The company could invoke extraordinary circumstances (such as weather conditions or technical problems) to avoid any claim! Travelers must be well informed at the airport so as not to lose their right to compensation.
The company must provide a help desk with refreshments, meals, communications and accommodation if the delay is extended overnight, all this is based on the waiting time at the airport.

Missed Connecting Flight

Opting for one or more stops can be entertaining, but in the case of a delay of the first flight, travelers can miss their correspondence and it is not always pleasant!
Travelers are protected by European regulations and can claim compensation for any delay exceeding three hours (on arrival). The compensation varies between € 250 and € 600.
It is important to learn about the companies that handle the connections, if it is the same company, travelers will benefit from a re-routing to the destination. In the case of various companies, the traveler could pay a fee to exchange his flight!
However, the company is not responsible for delays caused by extraordinary circumstances.