Claim Request Form

The guide offers an online form, in partnership with legal experts to send your claim and have compensation up to 600 € for a flight delay, cancellation, overbooking or strike.

How much can you get?

According to the laws of the European regulation on passenger rights, you can get a lump sum compensation, between €250 and €600 from two or three hours late, depending on the distance of the flight traveled by the passenger, except in circumstances exceptional in the image of a weather disturbance, that is, if your flight would be delayed or postponed due to bad weather conditions defined as extraordinary circumstances by European Union legislation.

Service fees:

No fees are charged by Legal Experts unless they win. They are paid via their final result.

They take 25% (Tax included). If they do not get it, you will not have to pay anything.

You risk €0 with simple and quick online steps. You have nothing to lose.