Air Arabia Maroc

Air Arabia Maroc is a Moroccan company that serves flights at European Union airports, it must comply with European regulation  261/2004 for all departures.

The company must comply with the rules relating to assistance, reimbursement and compensation in case of cancellation, delay or overbooking.

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The cancellation

Travelers are entitled to compensation of € 250 for flights up to 1500km, 400 € for flights up to 3500km and 600 € for those over 3500km. This is possible for any last minute cancellations (uninformed travelers) caused by the company such as the flight crew strike.

The company is not liable in the event of a scheduled cancellation and has been the subject of an information message to passengers at least 15 days before. It does not accept any compensation claim if this cancellation is the result of exceptional conditions such as the weather.

The company must offer travelers to choose between a rerouting or a refund. It must also offer assistance depending on the waiting time at the airport.

Overbooking ... Denied boarding

Overbooking causes the company to refuse some passengers in exchange for cereals benefits.

Travelers can opt for a refund or rerout to the destination. They are entitled to the same assistance as cancellation and delay.

If the passenger is denied boarding voluntarily or involuntarily, he can claim compensation up to 600 €, depending on the distance of the flight.
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The delay

A delay? it can turn into a nightmare for travelers who must respect a schedule.
Travelers are entitled to assistance for delays caused (this depends on the waiting time at the airport), they can also claim compensation for any delay of three hours or more (calculated after arrival at the airport ).

The compensation varies according to the route: between € 250  and € 600.

Missed Connecting Flight

Travelers may miss their correspondence because of a delay, and it is not always pleasant!

First, we need to find out who handles the connections, and if it's the same company, travelers will be redirected to the destination.

In the case of various companies, it is the one who made the late departure that will be responsible. This situation may lead the traveler to pay other fees in order to exchange his flight.

The passenger can therefore claim compensation for any delay exceeding three hours (on arrival). The compensation varies between € 250 and € 600.