Air Archipels

Air Archipels is a private company, subsidiary of the Air Tahiti group, offering flights in French Polynesia.
European regulation  261/2004 protects travelers in the event of air disturbances (cancellation, delay or missed connection).
For all departures from airports in EU countries, the company must comply with the rules on assistance and compensation.

The tool below is an effective solution for all traveler complaints in the event of a cancellation or other air disruption.

Cancellation at Air Archipels

Knowing the reasons for the cancellation is very important, be aware that the airline is not responsible for cancellations caused by extraordinary circumstances such as weather and weather disasters, political instability, a strike of non-aircrew or a accident occurred suddenly.
Travelers have the right to claim and make claims in the event of a cancellation that could be avoided by the airline or if the airline did not notify its passengers at least 15 days prior.
Since 2004, travelers have the right to choose between a rerouting or reimbursement and they are also entitled to a help desk that is based on the waiting time at the airport.


Denied boarding is often the result of overbooking by the company to prevent cancellations. In this case the company is forced to offer to travelers to give up their flight in exchange for certain services
For a voluntary or involuntary refusal, the carrier must provide assistance and offer the choice between a re-routing or reimbursement of the plane ticket
Travelers can claim compensation up to € for the damage suffered. That said, the company does not accept any file if it manages to provide a flight with the same conditions and an arrival on time.

The delay and its conditions

Waiting at the airport ... nothing more restrictive for travelers! The European regulation EC n ° 261/2004 protects the travelers and within this framework, the company must offer assistance for any delay exceeding 2h, 3h or 4h (according to the reserved flight) and to offer a refreshment, meals, two communications, accommodation and transportation if the flight is delayed overnight.
The company does not accept any claim file if the delay is caused by an exceptional condition that it could not anticipate as the weather conditions. Otherwise, travelers will be entitled to compensation between € 250 and € 600.

Missing connecting flight

Opting for a stopover has many advantages but it can turn into a nightmare if the connecting flight is missed.
In the case of a flight with several companies, one must see with the company concerned and understand the reasons for the delay. The company is not responsible for any delay caused by exceptional circumstances (such as weather conditions).
Travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 if the arrival is posted with 3 hours or more late.