Air Atlanta Icelandic

Air Atlanta Icelandic is a company based in Iceland that must, among others, comply with the European regulation 261/2004 for all the different air disturbances.
The company must provide assistance and investigate the claims files for any cancellation, delay, overbooking or missed connection caused by circumstances that could be avoided!

The tool below is an effective way to make a claim with the help of an expert team in the field.

The cancellation

When to ask for compensation for a cancellation? It's simple, you have to learn first about the causes that caused this cancellation, the company is not responsible for extraordinary circumstances (such as weather conditions) and claims are eligible also in the case of a Last minute cancellation which has not been subject to information at least 15 days beforehand.
Since 2004, companies must offer rerouting to the destination and offer reimbursement as well.
Travelers are entitled to assistance and compensation of up to € 600 for flights over 3500km.

Overbooking...Denied Boarding

Overbooking often leads to denied boarding at the airport. This is practiced by the companies to prevent possible cancellations!
In this case, the companies offer other services so that the travelers agree to give up their reservation. They have to assistance and rerouting in the same way as cancellation.
Compensation is € 250 for flights up to 1500km, € 400 for flights up to 3500km and € 600 for flights over 3500km.

The delay

For any delay caused by the company (such as the flight crew strike) travelers are entitled to compensation between € 250 and € 600.
The company must provide assistance (refreshment, meals, two communications, accommodation with transportation if necessary, and this depending on the waiting time of passengers at the airport.
Travelers are entitled to a refund if it exceeds 5 hours late.

Missed connecting flight

Passengers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 provided they do not cause their delay at the airport.
The European regulation protects travelers if the missed connection results from a fault of the company (technical problems, weather conditions), and compensation is calculated on the basis of the flight itinerary. It is however necessary that the whole flight is affected by the delay and not only the first flight!
the company is not liable for a delay caused by extraordinary circumstances, a reason often cited by companies to waive their obligation to indemnify.