Air Calédonie

Air Caledonia is an airline known to serve the entire domestic network of New Caledonia.
European regulation  261/2004 protects cancellations, delays, denied boarding ... and other air disturbances that may occur at Air Calédonie.

The tool below allows you to contact specialists in the field to claim your rights and claim compensation.

Cancellation and its conditions

In case of cancellation of the planned flight, you will be entitled to assistance and benefits. You can also opt for one of two proposals that will make you company:
- A refund of the price of your air ticket for the part of the trip not made as well as those made.
- A rerouting to the final destination.

You are also entitled to compensation if the cancellation was not caused by extraordinary circumstances and you have not been notified in advance (15 days).

Denied boarding

The overbooking is done by the company who fears to have empty places due to possible cancellations.
In this case, travelers have the right to choose between a refund or rerouting (as for cancellation), and claim compensation from € 250.
The company is obliged to offer assistance (refreshment, meals, communication, accommodation, transportation) and this depending on the waiting time at the airport.

Delays at Air Calédonie

It is imperative to know that travelers are entitled to assistance for delays caused, it depends on the waiting time at the airport, and they are entitled to compensation for any delay not caused by extraordinary circumstances (such as weather situation). On arrival at the airport, the delay must be at least three hours before the complaint.
The compensation varies according to the route: € 250 for the trips of up to 1500km, € 400 for the flights of up to 1500km and € 600 for the flights of more than 3500km

Missed Connecting Flight

A stopover flight or several can be entertaining and rich in experience, but in the case of a delay of the first flight, travelers can miss their connecting flight and it is not always pleasant!
Travelers are protected by European regulations and can claim compensation for any delay exceeding three hours (on arrival). The compensation varies between € 250 and € 600.
It is imperative to inquire about the conditions of delay or cancellation. The claim and the claim for compensation is only valid if the company is responsible for the missed correspondence.