Air Canada Rouge

Air Canada Rouge is a low cost Canadian airline. Air Canada's subsidiary must comply with European regulation 261/2004 for all departures from European Union airports, regarding the various disruptions to flights that may occur.
Cancellation, delay, refusal to board, ... the law protects travelers and gives them the right to claim compensation up to € 600.

The tool below allows you to contact a team of professionals who will allow you to claim compensation quickly and efficiently.

Cancellation and Claim at Air Canada Rouge

For any cancellation, the airline will offer another flight or a refund of the plane ticket. this has been compulsory since 2004.
Travelers are entitled to assistance with Meals, two free phone calls or sending two e-mails as well as accommodation with transportation, depending on the waiting time.
The compensation is: € 250, € 400 or € 600 depending on the distance of the journey to the final destination.
The compensation obligation is removed if the airline is able to prove that the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances. If not, it must take into consideration each claim file.


Denied Boarding

The overbooking that causes denied boarding is what the company causes after accepting a higher number of bookings than available seats.
Assistance: The company will assist any traveler who has renounced the booking or who is upset to give it up.
Re-routing or Reimbursement: The compagny gives the passengers the choice between a re-routing or a refund as for cancellation.
The traveler is protected by European regulations and is eligible for compensation of up to € 600 for denied boarding.

The Delay ... what you need to know

For any delay of two hours or more caused by reasons that the company could avoid (flight crew strike), travelers can claim and claim compensation up to € 600.
Under the law, Air Canada Rouge must provide assistance to its passengers. A care that depends on the waiting time (refreshment, meals, accommodation, ...)
If the company is unable to directly assist its passengers, it is obliged to reimburse all costs incurred.

Missed Connecting Flight and its causes

The "a missed connecting flight" is quite stressful as a situation! This is often the case when the first flight does not respect the prescribed schedule.
You should know that if the flight is run by several companies and one of them is late. The traveler may be required to pay a fee to exchange the flight with the non-liable airline.
That said, the law protects passengers from this kind of disruption. In the case of a delay caused by the company, the traveler is eligible for compensation of up to € 600 and his claim is valid.
The case is no longer valid if the company can prove that the delay (or cancellation) is caused by exceptional circumstances.