Air France


Air France is an airline that has proven itself in France and elsewhere. Because of the complexity of the air operations, the company will be able to deal with disturbances (cancellation, delay or overbooking) that can cause a lot of inconvenience.

European regulation  261/2004 protects travelers from all these disturbances. The company is obliged to respect the terms of assistance, reimbursement and compensation.

The tool below is an effective way to claim. A specialist team in the field is at your disposal to launch a compensation procedure quickly.

Cancellation and Claim

The company offers its passengers, in case of cancellation, the choice between a flight re-routing or a refund. Travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600.

The company is exempt from paying compensation if the traveler has been notified of this change at least 15 days before and in the case of a cancellation caused by an extraordinary circumstance.

If the company concerned is not able to provide the necessary assistance to its travelers, it is obliged to reimburse expenses incurred in meals, communications or accommodation and transportation. .It is important to keep all the coupons or bills!

Overbooking ... Denied boarding

Denial of boarding is usually caused by the practice of overbooking.
If the traveler is denied boarding voluntarily or involuntarily, he will receive all the necessary assistance from his company as well as the choice between another flight or reimbursement.

Denied boarding is like a last minute cancellation. This situation gives travelers the right to claim compensation of up to € 600.

The delay

In case of delay, passengers are entitled to assistance, depending on the waiting time of passengers at the airport.
  Meal or refreshment (snack, ...)
  2 free calls (phone or e-mails)
  accommodation with transport if necessary

Travelers are entitled to compensation for any delay of three hours or more, they can claim compensation up to € 600.

The company will not be responsible in the event of a delay caused by an exceptional condition (such as weather).

Missed Connecting Flight

Do you arrive late at the airport? The traveler is protected by the regulations, he can claim compensation up to € 600 for the delay of three hours and more, caused by the company.

However, the company is not responsible in case of late caused by exceptional reasons.

In case of a missed connection caused by this delay, the passengers can be taken care of quickly if a single company takes care of all the flights ... In the case of several carrier, the traveler may be obliged to pay a fee to exchange his flight.