Air Italy - Meridiana

Air Italy, formerly Meridiana is an Italian private company. It serves domestic, European and intercontinental destinations.
The company is subject to European regulation 261/2004 which stipulates that travelers are entitled to assistance and compensation in the event of disruption of flights.

 The tool below is a solution for anyone who wants to claim compensation. Just follow the steps to call an expert team.

Victim of a cancellation at Air Italy?
You only need to know the reasons for this cancellation to know if you are eligible for compensation or not.
You should know that the company does not take any claim file if it is not responsible for the cancellations generated and that it invokes exceptional circumstances, such as weather conditions ... unless it can demonstrate that, you are entitled to compensation if you have not been notified at least two weeks before.
The company must provide you with assistance depending on the waiting time, and also offer the choice between a re-routing or refund.

Denied boarding, what are its causes?

The company refuses boarding passengers in case of overbooking, it makes to avoid possible cancellations. Before that, she offers volunteers to give up their reservations in exchange for certain benefits.
A re-route on other aircraft will be offered to travelers as well as the choice of refund.
Travelers can claim compensation up to € 600.

What are the conditions of a delay to be compensated?

The causes must not be extraordinary circumstances ... The company is responsible if the delay is the result of a strike of the aircrew or a technical problem for example, it must be reasons that could be avoided.
The traveler can receive between € 250 and € 600  compensation when the delay exceeds three hours (on arrival), and receive a help desk (depending on the waiting time).

Missed Connecting Flight

A missed connecting flight is the result of a delay at the airport caused either by the traveler or the company.
it can be a delay of the company or a cancellation!
Be aware that any delay of three hours or more (calculated on arrival) caused by the company gives the right to passengers to claim compensation of up to € 600. The company is not responsible if it manages to prove the exceptional reasons.
If it involves several companies on the flight ... the traveler could pay a fee to exchange his flight with the company not responsible for the delay.