Air Maldova


Air Maldova is the company of Moldova, which serves flights all over the world including from the airports of the countries of the European Union. Therefore, it must offer assistance, refund and compensate passengers in case of disturbances (cancellation, delay or overbooking) under European Regulation  261/2004.

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The cancellation of flights caused by natural causes, such as weather disturbances, natural disasters or a strike control, and which was the subject of an information message to passengers in advance (at least 15 days ), does not require any compensation.

In case of cancellation, the company is obliged to offer its passengers to choose between a refund or rerouting.

The company must offer assistance to its passengers based on the waiting time at the airport. Travelers are entitled to compensation ranging from € 250 to € 600, depending on the flight's distance.

Refusal to board ... Overbooking

In case of overbooking, the company offers its passengers to give up their flights in exchange for certain benefits. However, passengers are entitled to assistance and compensation for denied boarding.

In case of a refusal against the will or not of the travelers, the latter benefit from a compensation of €250, €400 or €600, according to the distance of the flight.

Delays and Claim

Travelers are entitled to assistance for any delay from 2am. The company must provide refreshments (or meals), right to two free calls and accommodation in case of a significant delay. The support depends on the waiting time of passengers at the airport.

The refund request is paid for all those who wish to give up the flight.
Travelers are entitled to compensation for any delay of three hours or more after arrival at the airport, except in the case of delay caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Missed flight connection

The delay at the airport generates "the missed connection". In the case of a flight with one or more stops and a missed connection at the airport, it is necessary to inquire if the company ensures the whole trip. In this situation, the company will take care of its passengers with a routing or a new flight.

If the traveler buys tickets from various companies, one will not be responsible for the delay of the other. In this case, the traveler is entitled to compensation from the company responsible for the missed connection (depending on the cause of the delay) ... It could pay a fee to exchange his flight.

Travelers are entitled to compensation up to € 600, depending on the length of the flight, for delays of more than three hours (calculated on arrival at destination).