Air Malta

Victim of a delay? a cancellation? or even an overbooking? Air Malta is the airline of Malta. It is subject to the European regulation 261/2004 relating to the assumption of responsibility and the compensations in the event of disturbances.

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Cancellation at Air Malta

• Extraordinary circumstances (weather, ground strike, exceptional event)
• Travelers are notified at least 15 days before the change
The conditions marked above show that the company is not responsible for the cancellation. As a result, the traveler can not claim compensation.
The air carrier must offer assistance and re-routing to the destination and, unless it can demonstrate that it is not responsible, the customer will be able to receive between € 250 and € 600 as compensation.


Overbooking ... denied boarding

If the traveler is denied boarding against his will because of overbooking or so called overbooking, he will be entitled to a refund or another flight, depending on his choice.
In addition to assistance, the airline must offer re-routing to the final destination or a refund (part of the trip not made in case of a stopover).
Travelers are protected by European regulations and can receive compensation, in case of overbooking, between € 250 and € 600 (depending on the length of the flight).

The delay at Air Malta

Your plane is late? The company is not liable if the delay is caused by weather conditions or a security strike ... Extraordinary circumstances are often mentioned by the carrier in case of delay!
That said, if the delay is the result of a flight crew strike or a technical problem, this will not prevent compensation for travelers.
So any passenger who arrives more than three hours late at destination, can be compensated.
Travelers are entitled to treatment. They receive assistance depending on the waiting time (refresh, meal, telephone communication, accommodation, ...).

Missed Connecting Flight

Choosing a flight with a stopover can have negative consequences in case of a delay that makes you miss your connecting flight.
If this delay is caused by the company and not by you, be aware that you are protected by the regulations and you are eligible for compensation.
The delay calculated on arrival must be three hours or more. The compensation depends on the length of the flight (between € 250 and € 600).