Air Tahiti

Air Tahiti is a French company, which must respect the European regulation 261/2004 relating to the assistance and the compensation in the event of disturbances in the air operations (cancellation, delay or Denied boarding).

The tool below is an effective and above all fast solution for travelers who have experienced a disruption and want to claim their rights.

Cancellation ... What do you need to know?

for any cancellation, the company must inform its travelers (by email or SMS, ...) of this at least a fortnight before. A last-minute cancellation is a situation that can cause a lot of inconvenience, but travelers are protected by the European regulation for all departures from airports in EU countries.
What you need to know about the assistance: Travelers receive assistance depending on the waiting time at the airport: meals, refreshments, two free communications, accommodation with transport if necessary, .. .and they have the right to choose between the redirection or refund of the air ticket (or the part of the flight not made).
You should know that the company can invoke exceptional circumstances, and in this case no file will be eligible!
The compensation can be up to € 600 for flights over 3500km.

Denied boarding

Overbooking? by what is it caused? The company can accept more bookings in relation to available seats, and in the event of non-cancellations, a denied boarding is incurred on the day of the flight.
It is actually a last minute cancellation that entitles passengers to claim compensation of up to € 600 for flights exceeding 3500km.
Since 2004, travelers have the choice between the redirection or refund of the ticket. The company must offer assistance depending on the waiting time.

Delay ... causes and compensation

The delay is binding! but to claim its rights, it is first necessary to inform on the reasons for this disruption since the company is not at fault in case of exceptional conditions such as weather!
A month that the company is able to prove that, travelers can claim compensation between € 250 and € 600 for any delay exceeding three hours on arrival.

Missed Connection Flight in the European Union

A significant delay may cause a "missed connection" but to claim your compensation, one must inquire about the reasons for the disruption before, the airline must be at fault and not because of extraordinary circumstances that are unpredictable events that do not could not have been avoided
It is important to know that your tickets must be under the same booking reference. The compensation can be up to € 600  for flights over 3500km.