Alba Star S.A., named AlbaStar, is a Spanish charter and regular airline based at Palma de Mallorca Airport.
The company must respect the conditions of transport as well as the European regulation 261/2004 which protects the passengers in case of disturbances, it defines essential notions, such as "flight delay", "cancellation of flight" or " denied boarding "

The tool below is an effective way to claim your rights in case of air disturbances.

Cancellation at AlbaStar

We must first consider the notice period. Indeed, the company must inform its passengers at least fifteen days before the date originally planned.
To claim compensation, the company must be responsible for canceling your flight. If the company invokes the extraordinary circumstances that prevented the separation of the flight, the European regulation provides circumstances that may exempt the companies of the payment of the lump sum (adverse weather conditions or strikes in the airport ...).
Travelers are entitled to a support in case of cancellation, including assistance (meals, accommodation, ...) depending on the waiting time at the airport. They are also entitled to choose between a rerouting or refund.

Denied Boarding

An overbooking? if the airline has accepted more reservations than the available seats, it will be able to face overbooking and thus refuse boarding to certain travelers.
Before that, the company asks if there are volunteers to give up their places against other services (rerouting, upgrading, ...) ... Travelers refuse to board can choose between rerouting or refund, and can claim compensation between € 250 and € 600.

Delay and the claim

To know if your flight is eligible for compensation, the company must be involved and the delay is three hours on arrival.
The company offers assistance to its passengers with refreshments, meals, ... depending on the waiting time at the airport.
Travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 for flights exceeding 3500 km.

Missed Connecting Flight

Choosing a stopover flight can be inconvenient if the airline is late and misses your connection. In fact, to claim your compensation, you must inquire about the reasons for the disruption before, the airline is not responsible if it is extraordinary circumstances (which are unpredictable events that could not have been avoided).
It is important to know that your tickets must be under the same booking reference. The compensation can be up to € 600 for flights over 3500km.