Arkia Israeli Arlines


Arkia is a regular airline for its flights in Israel and charter for its flights in the world.

Arkia offers flights in Europe at attractive prices, making it a company highly appreciated by travelers. However, like all carriers, Arkia will be able to cope with restrictive conditions and disruptions on flights.

For all departures from EU airports, the company must comply with European regulation EC No 261/2004 which brings together the common rules in terms of assistance and compensation in the event of cancellation, delay or refusal of boarding and overbooking.

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Cancellation: When to claim an allowance?

The airline must notify its passengers at least 14 days prior to any cancellation, and inform them of their rights as well as passengers.

Last minute cancellation must not be caused by an extraordinary circumstance. Passengers, in this case, have the right to claim compensation for that.

The assistance remains an obligation of the company, it must take care of its travelers for all waiting at the airport, with drinks, snacks, ...

Any passenger victim of this disruption can claim compensation of € 250 for flights of up to 1500km, € 400 for flights up to 3500km and € 600 for flights over 3500km.

Travelers can choose to reimburse the airline ticket or re-route to the destination by accepting transportation from the airline.

Denied Boarding and overbooking

When the company faces a technical problem, it is sometimes obliged to exchange the device with another smaller, which reduces the number of places and leads to denied boarding.

In other cases, the company practices overbooking ... and result: denied boarding to certain travelers.

The company will be able to find solutions, such as outclassing travelers or looking for volunteers who will agree to exchange their flights for certain services.

Denied boarding is the last of the solutions that the company will consider. this could happen to any passengers (except the sick or those who accompany them).

This disruption is equivalent to last minute cancellation, which allows passengers to claim the refund or choose the redirection .... This does not affect their right to compensation.

Passengers are entitled to compensation between € 250 and € 600 ...

The delay of 3 hours

The company must offer financial compensation between 250 € and 600 € for any delay of 3 hours.

In addition to compensation, the assumption of responsibility remains an obligation under the Regulations. The assistance is according to the waiting time: Refreshments, meals as well as 2 phone calls or the free sending of 2 emails.

Delay of 2 hours and more, for a flight of up to 1500km, 3 hours and more for flights between 1500km and 3500km and 4h and more for flights over 3500km.

Even in extraordinary circumstances, the company retains its obligation to take charge.

Passengers can claim compensation for any delay of 3 hours upon arrival. From 250th to 600 €.

For any delay of 5 hours, the passengers have the right to give up their flights and thus benefit from the refund.

The company must offer accommodation if the flight is delayed overnight. She must reimburse the expenses incurred by the travelers if she can not assume this support.

Missed Connecting Flight

Passengers are protected by European regulation 261/2004 which allows them to claim compensation for all the different disturbances that may occur.

You have the right to cancel your connecting flight, the company is obliged to compensate you for the flight that allowed you to return to your departure point and refund the portion of the trip you had already made before giving up.

To claim compensation, the delay must be 3 hours on arrival, a disruption not caused by extraordinary circumstances and all flights are on the same reservation.

Travelers are entitled to reimbursement or re-routing and compensation ranging from € 250 to € 600.