Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways is the airline of the Faroe Islands, which must respect the European regulation 261/2004 for all its departures from the airports of the European Union.
The European regulation protects travelers against possible disturbances that may occur. the regulation defines the conditions of delay, cancellation or denied boarding.

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Cancellation at EU airports

In case of cancellation, the company must provide you with assistance depending on the waiting time, and also offer the choice between a re-routing or refund.
The company is not liable for extraordinary circumstances. Weather conditions, ground staff strike, ... an example of exceptional circumstances that the company can prove to be exempted from the cost of compensation near its travelers ... ... unless it can demonstrate that, you are entitled to compensation if you have not been notified at least two weeks before.

Overbooking: When to claim?

The company may denied boarding to certain travelers because of overbooking.
Seek volunteers! the company will ask some to voluntarily give up their reservation in exchange for several services (upgrading, ...).
It requires assistance that the company offers and the choice between a refund or rerouting. Travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600.
Travelers are protected by European regulations, this gives them the right to claim compensation of up to € 600 for overbooking and denied boarding.

Delay and its conditions

To be eligible for compensation, the company must be involved and the delay must be three hours upon arrival. in other words, the delay must not be caused by a cause not controlled by the company, and in this case we speak of "extraordinary circumstances".
The company offers assistance to its passengers with refreshments, meals, ... depending on the waiting time at the airport.
Travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 for flights exceeding 3500 km.

Missed Connecting Flight

A delay or cancellation is what causes the "missed connecting flight" and it is not always pleasant! but travelers are eligible for compensation under certain conditions.
Indeed, the company must be involved because it is not liable in extraordinary circumstances. In the flight with stopovers managed by several companies, it is the one who made the late departure that will be responsible. This situation may lead the traveler to pay other fees in order to exchange his flight.
The passenger can therefore claim compensation for any delay exceeding three hours (on arrival) between € 250 and € 600 (depending on the distance of the flight.