Aerovias del Continente Americano, or Avianca is a Colombian airline.
Victim of a cancellation? The company respects the European regulation, for all its departures from the airports of the European Union, which defines the conditions of the cancellation, the delay or the refusal of embarkation.

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Victim of a cancellation?

To find out if you are eligible for compensation, just know the reasons for the cancellation. The company must provide you with assistance depending on the waiting time, and also offer the choice between a re-routing or refund.
You should know that the company does not take any claim file if it is not responsible for the cancellations and that it can prove exceptional circumstances, such as weather conditions ... unless it can demonstrate that, you have right to compensation of up to € 600, if however you have not been warned at least two weeks before.

Overbooking ... Denied Boarding

Denied boarding is caused by the overbooking practiced by the company. The companies do this for reasons of possible cancellations, so they accept a number of bookings that exceeds the proposed seats.
In this situation, you are entitled to assistance and the choice between a re-routing or a refund, as for cancellation. Travelers may have other benefits in exchange for their bookings.
The denied boarding is a last minute cancellation, which leads travelers to get compensation of up to € 600 for flights over 3500km.


For any delay that exceeds 2 hours, travelers are entitled to assistance. The company must provide refreshments (or meals), right to two free calls and accommodation in case of a significant delay. Support depends on how long passengers wait at the airport
For all claims, travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 (this depends on the distance of the flight) for delays of three hours or more after their arrival at the airport, except in the case of a delay caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Missed Connecting Flight

"Missed connecting flight" must be caused by the company and not by the traveler, in order to claim compensation.
If the delay is the cause of the company, the traveler is protected by the European regulation 261/2004 for all departures from the EU, and could be eligible for compensation between € 250  and € 600 for any delay of three or more calculated on arrival.