Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways is a private airline from Thailand. Operating domestic and international flights, the airline must comply with European regulations for all departures from European Union airports.
European regulation 261/2004 defines the conditions of compensation and assistance for any cancellation, delay or denied boarding.

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Cancellation ... When to claim?

What there is to know:
The company is not responsible for the cancellation caused by exceptional circumstances (weather conditions, strike control ...), but if this is not the case, travelers must be informed at least fifteen days before.
In the event of a flight crew strike or other reason that the airline can control and avoid last-minute cancellation, travelers will be entitled to compensation of up to € 600.
The company must offer assistance to passengers in case of waiting with meals or refreshment and accommodation if necessary, depending on the waiting time of passengers at the airport.

Overbooking ... Denied Boarding

The company may face overbooking if it accepts more bookings relative to the seats offered.
But under the European regulation, in case of denied boarding due to overbooking by the company, travelers can choose between a refund or a re-routing to the destination and receive assistance during their wait .
The company asks and suggests giving up reservations in exchange for certain benefits, but sometimes it refuses boarding travelers against their will.
Claim files are eligible for compensation of up to € 600.

Delay and its conditions

Any delay exceeding three hours, caused by reasons controlled by the company (such as the flight crew strike) entitles travelers to claim compensation.
The company is not responsible for delays caused by extraordinary circumstances.
The company must offer assistance to its passengers based on the waiting time at the airport.
Note that the delay also depends on the distance of the flight: 2h for flights up to 1500km, 3h for flights up to 3500km and 4h for flights over 3500km.
€ 250 for flights up to 1500km, € 400 for flights up to 3500km and € 600 for flights over 3500km.

Missed Connecting Flight

When a connection is missed at the airport, you must first find out who is managing the flights. If it is the same company or several. The traveler may pay a fee to exchange the flight with the company not responsible for the disruption.
Any delay exceeding three hours (calculated upon arrival at the airport) entitles passengers to claim compensation of up to € 600, but only if this was not caused by extraordinary circumstances.
Travelers are also entitled to assistance in the event of significant delay. It depends on how long you wait at the airport.