Beijing Capital

Beijing Capital is a Chinese airline based at Beijing International Airport.
The airline could face various disruptions on its flights: cancellation, delay or overbooking and denied boarding. For this reason, and for all its departures from the European Union's airports, it must comply with European regulation 261/2004.

The tool below is an effective and free way that allows you to benefit from expert advice for compensation in the shortest possible time.

Cancellation, what to know?

For any cancellation, the company must warn travelers of the change of flight at least 15 days beforehand.
To be eligible for compensation, the cancellation must be the fault of the company and that the causes could not be anticipated (exceptional condition), you can therefore claim financial compensation.
To respect the European regulations, in case of departure from the European Union airports, you are entitled to a re-routing as soon as possible or to a refund.

Overbooking ... Denied Boarding

The denied boarding is the result of overbooking practiced by the company. Therefore, travelers are entitled to a support service (refreshment, communication or accommodation) in the same way as the delay and cancellation.
As for cancellation, travelers have the right to opt for a refund instead of rerouting and may, under certain conditions, claim compensation between € 250 and € 600, it will depend on the distance of the planned flight.

Victim of a delay at Beijing Capital?

If the delay exceeds 2 hours, travelers can request assistance (meals, communication or accommodation), the support is based on the waiting time at the airport.
For any claim for compensation, the delay must exceed 3 hours (on arrival), passengers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 for flights over 3500km, but under certain conditions.
Conditions: The airline must not be the cause of the delay. In other words, the causes must not be exceptional events, weather conditions or a security strike.

Missed Connecting Flight and complaint

"Missed Connecting Flight" is a situation that can cause a great panic! travelers are protected by European regulations, and for any delay of three hours or more caused by the company gives the right to passengers to claim compensation up to € 600.
However, the reasons for this disturbance should not be exceptional conditions.
If the trip is managed by several companies, one will not be responsible for the delay of the other ... which will push the traveler to pay other fees to exchange his flight with the company not responsible.