Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is the national airline of Bangladesh. The company must comply with European regulations for departing European Union airports.
European Regulation 261/2004 outlines the conditions for compensation in the event of cancellation, delay or denied boarding.

The tool below is an effective and free solution to accompany travelers in their claims.

Cancellation in the European Union

A surprise cancellation? The airline is obliged to warn travelers at least two weeks before such changes.
In the case of a free cancellation, you will be entitled to assistance depending on the waiting time and the choice between a re-routing to the destination or a refund.
Travelers can claim compensation of up to € 600 for any cancellation caused by a flight crew strike or other cause that does not fit the list of exceptional conditions.

Denied Boarding

Overbooking is the main cause of denied boarding. The company faces this when it accepts more booking compared to available seats.
Travelers who agree to cancel their reservation will have other services and options in exchange. Volunteer or not, you benefit from assistance for waiting at the airport and the choice between rerouting or reimbursement.
Travelers can claim compensation between € 250 and € 600 for any denied boarding.

Delay and the claim

The delay at the airport of more than 2 hours gives the right to the travelers to benefit from an assistance, a care which depends on the waiting time of the passengers (meals, communication, lodging, ...).
Travelers have the right to claim compensation for any delay exceeding three hours upon arrival, under certain conditions.
The company must not be at fault and the delay must not be caused by exceptional reasons.

Missed Connecting Flight

Missed connecting flight is a disruption that entitles travelers to compensation, if the delay is three hours or more upon arrival.
The company must provide assistance while waiting for its passengers at the airport. If the company is unable to provide this, it must reimburse the expenses incurred during the waiting period.
Travelers can claim compensation of up to € 600 if the reasons for the delay are not "exceptional conditions".