Cathay Dragon

Cathay Dragon, formerly Dragonair is an airline of Hong Kong. For all departures from European Union countries, the company must comply with European regulation 261/2004.
Cathay Dragon may face a last-minute cancellation, unplanned delay or even overbooking ... For this, the company must refer to the rules on assistance and compensation.

The tool below is a very effective way for you to claim your rights. A professional team will accompany you for your compensation.

The cancellation

For any cancellation not caused by a controller strike, weather or other extraordinary cause, the company must compensate its customers.
Travelers will be entitled to compensation of € 250 (flight up to 1500km), € 400 (flight up to 3500km) and € 600 (flight over 3500km), if travelers are not warned of the change .
The company must offer rerouting and refund, travelers have the right to choose.
The support is mandatory depending on the waiting time at the airport ...

Denied Boarding

Denied boarding is the result of "overbooking". The company is turning to this to avoid any cancellations of reservations that may occur at the last minute. But in some cases, the company must refuse boarding to some travelers.
Before proceeding in this way, the company is looking for volunteers who can benefit from several services in exchange.
The passenger denied boarding is entitled to compensation between € 250 and € 600 depending on the trip. In the case of a last minute cancellation caused by the company, the traveler will have the choice between a refund or a rerouting.
In the same way as the cancellation and the delay, in case of overbooking the travelers benefit from an assistance.

The delay

The company offers assistance for any delay of more hours ... It should be known that the company is not responsible if the delay is caused by an extraordinary circumstance such as the weather.
When the company is responsible for the delay (flight crew strike), it will pay compensation of up to € 600 for the delay of three hours and more.
The proposed treatment depends on the waiting time of travelers at the airport. If she is unable to provide assistance, she will reimburse you for your expenses.

Missed Connecting Flight and Complaint

The traveler is protected by the regulations, he can claim compensation if the company is the cause of the missed connecting flight.
In the case of multiple carriers that handle the flight, the traveler could pay a fee to exchange his flight with the second company that is not responsible for the delay.
It is important to specify that the traveler is eligible for compensation when the delay is three hours or more (calculated on arrival at the airport), which is not caused by exceptional circumstances and if all flights are registered in the same reservation.