Cathay Pacific


Cathay pacific is an airline based in Hong Kong. Because of the complexity of air operations, it can deal with disruptions: cancellation, delay or overbooking.

European Regulation CE N261/2004 protects travelers from these disturbances. The company is obliged to offer assistance, to reimburse and even to compensate its passengers in the event of any disturbance departing from an EU airport.

The tool below is a simple and effective solution available to you to obtain compensation legally.

The cancellation

The traveler may claim compensation if:
§ He was not warned at least two weeks before
§ The company is responsible for the cancellation (not caused by extraordinary circumstances)

The company must directly assist its passengers, and offer them the choice between a re-routing or a refund.
In case of cancellation not caused by exceptional circumstances, travelers are eligible for compensation up to € 600.

If the company is not able to offer assistance to its travelers, it will have to reimburse the expenses incurred.

Overbooking, denied boarding

If a traveler is denied boarding due to overbooking, the company must assist him as for the delay.

Travelers have the choice between a re-routing or refund of the ticket.
Travelers have the right to claim compensation of up to € 600 in case of denied boarding.

Delay of more than 3 hours

If the flight is delayed, the company must offer assistance to its passengers based on the waiting time at the airport (meals, accommodation, ...).

If the delay is three hours or more, traveler can claim compensation up to 600 €. The delay must not be caused by extraordinary circumstances:

 Exceptional event
 Ground security strike
 Climatic conditions

Missed Connecting Flight

If the company is responsible for your "missed connecting flight", you are protected by European regulation 261/2004 and you can claim compensation. You will be supported by the company responsible for the delay.

 The delay is calculated after arrival at the airport, it must be at least three hours.
If the flight is missed by your fault, you cannot claim any compensation, but the company can find you a replacement flight.