Cobalt Air

Cobalt Air is a Cypriot airline. It is the second largest company in the country. Operating flights from Larnaca to several destinations in Europe, the airline must comply with European regulation 261/2004.

Indeed, for all its departures from the European Union's airports, the carriers must offer assistance and respect the terms of compensation in the event of disturbances on the flights (cancellation, delay or overbooking).

The tool below is an effective solution, it allows travelers to get compensation in the shortest possible time.

Victim of a cancellation?

You must first inquire about the reasons for this cancellation to know if you are eligible for compensation or not.

The company does not accept any file for cancellations caused by exceptional circumstances (eg weather conditions) ... unless it can demonstrate this, you are entitled to compensation of up to € 600.

The company is not responsible also if it informs its travelers at least two weeks before.

The carrier (in the case of departure from a European airport) must provide you with assistance depending on the waiting time. The airline must also offer its passengers the choice between rerouting or refunding.

Denied boarding, what are its causes?

The company refuses boarding to travelers in case of overbooking (more tickets sold compared to available seats).

In case of refusal of voluntary or involuntary embarkation, the company offers a re-routing on other aircraft as well as the choice of reimbursement. In this situation, assistance is offered in the same way as for delay.

Travelers can claim compensation up to € 600.

What are the conditions of a delay to be compensated?

Same thing for the delay! the causes must not be extraordinary circumstances ... The company is responsible if the delay is the result of a strike of the aircrew or a technical problem for example.

The traveler will be able to receive between € 250 and € 600 of compensation when the delay exceeds the three hours, and to benefit from a service of assistance according to the duration of wait (Meal or snack, free communications, Accommodation with transport. ..)

Missed flight connection and Claim

Missing your correspondence because of a delay is very restrictive as situation!
Be aware that any delay of three hours or more caused by the company gives the right to passengers to claim compensation of up to € 600. That said, the company is not liable in case of a delay caused by an exceptional condition.

The situation is a bit complex in case of several companies, one does not take responsibility for the other ... the traveler could pay a fee to exchange his flight with the company not responsible for the delay.