Condor Flugdienst GmbH, usually abbreviated Condor, is a German airline based in Germany.
Victim of a cancellation? or a delay? European regulations 261/2004 protect travelers from this kind of disruption and allow them to receive assistance and compensation.

The tool below is an effective and free solution set up to allow you to claim your rights legally and quickly.

The cancellation and its conditions

The last-minute cancellation is a disruption that the European regulations mention. In the case of cancellation planned by the company, it must prevent travelers at least fifteen days before.
You are entitled to assistance, with meals, two free phone calls or sending two e-mails and accommodation, depending on the waiting time.
The compensation is: € 250, € 400 or € 600 depending on the distance to the final destination.
Important: the indemnification obligation is not valid if the airline is able to prove that the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances, such as weather conditions.

Denied Boarding  and Claim

Denied boarding is due to overbooking that the company practices to avoid empty places.
The company is obliged to provide assistance based on the waiting time at the airport for all travelers who have agreed or not to abandon their reservations.
Travelers have the choice between redirecting to destinations or reimbursement and, by law, they can claim compensation up to € 600.

The delay

A delay? this is very common among companies, but you should know that the European regulations protect you in this case.
It is imperative to learn about the causes, the company will be able to take the card out of "extraordinary circumstances" to avoid claims.
That said, for any delay of three hours or more caused by reasons that the company could avoid (strike of the aircrew), travelers can claim compensation up to € 600.
The company must take care of its passengers but it really depends on the waiting time (refreshment, meals, accommodation, ...), he know that if the company is not able to directly assist its passengers, it is obliged to reimburse all expenses incurred.

Missed Connecting Flight

A delay at the airport and hop! a missed connection! What should be done?
Any delay of three hours or more caused by the company gives the right to passengers to claim compensation up to € 600. Indeed, European regulations give you all rights if it is not "extraordinary circumstance".
To claim compensation, all flights must be on the same booking. Travelers are also entitled to assistance, which depends on the waiting time.