Congo Airways

Congo Airways is the national airline of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company must refer to the European regulations for all departures from airports in the European Union.
European regulation 261 / 2004 protects travelers and defines the circumstances of compensation and assistance for any cancellation, delay, ...

The tool below is a great way for you to claim your rights and claim compensation efficiently and especially quickly.

Cancellation ... When to Claim?

The company must warn its travelers at least a fortnight before, he knows that for any last minute cancellation caused by the company, the latter must refer to the European regulations and offer its travelers the choice between reimbursement or re-routing.
In the case of a cancellation caused by extraordinary circumstances (such as weather), the company is exempt from compensation.
The company must offer assistance depending on the waiting time at the airport (meals, hotel, ...).
The victims of cancellation can claim up to € 600 of compensation (it depends on the distance of the flight).

Denied Boarding

A denied boarding? It should be known that the company refuses boarding travelers because of the overbooking practiced by the company who wants to avoid possible cancellation.
A re-routing option is offered to travelers who are denied boarding with assistance (assistance) by the company.
As for the last minute cancellation, the traveler can claim compensation of up to € 600  in this case.

The delay of three hours and more!

Delays not caused by weather conditions, a strike by the control staff or other cause not controlled by the company give the right to travelers compensation of up to € 600. For any delay of three hours or more (calculated upon arrival), the traveler may claim his rights.
The company offers assistance with: refreshments, meals, communication, hotel and transport (if necessary), it really depends on the waiting time at the airport.
Reasons for delay? it's important to know what caused the delay ... the company will be able to talk about extraordinary circumstances, but unless they can prove that, they have to accept your claims.

Missed Connecting Flight

For any "missed connection", the traveler is protected by the European regulations which gives him the right to claim compensation.
To claim compensation you must know that you need a delay of three hours (calculated on arrival), a delay not caused by extraordinary circumstances and that all flights are registered on the same reservation.
The traveler may claim compensation of € 250, € 400 or € 600, depending on the flight.