Danish Air Transport

Danish Air Transport or DAT is a Danish airline, which must comply with the European regulation 261/2004 for its air operations.
The regulation relates to assistance and compensation for any cancellation, delay or even denied boarding.

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Cancellation and compensation

The company is obliged to inform its passengers at least fifteen days before the flight changes. In the case of a last minute cancellation, the company must take care of its passengers during their wait and offer them the rerouting.
Travelers can claim compensation of up to € 600, but it is necessary to inquire about the causes of this cancellation. It should be noted that if this is caused by extraordinary circumstances (such as the weather), the company is exempt from paying any compensation.
The company has to assist its travelers, an assistance that depends on the waiting time at the airport. Otherwise, the company must reimburse the expenses incurred.

Denied Boarding

Before denied boarding, the company first contacts its passengers to request volunteers to abandon their reservations in exchange for several services (an upgrade, a trip without fees, money, ...).
As a result of this overbooking, if there are not enough places and the number of volunteers is insufficient, the denied boarding may fall on any passenger except passengers with reduced mobility and those who accompany them.
Victims can claim compensation of € 250 for flights up to 1500km, € 400 for flights up to 3500km and € 600 for flights over 3500km.

Delay and its conditions

European regulations protect travelers from delays! The company must refer to the regulations and assist passengers ... the support depends on the waiting time of passengers at the airport.
When the delay is three hours or more, calculated after arrival, the traveler is entitled to compensation of € 250, € 400 or € 600 (depending on the flight), unless this was caused by extraordinary circumstances: a natural disaster , weather conditions, political instability, an avian collision, strikes ....

Missed Connecting Flight

Missed connecting flight caused by the company (not the fault of the passenger) gives passengers the right to claim compensation.
If this is not caused by a circumstance controlled by the company, the company could evade any compensation! Otherwise, the company must comply with European regulations and compensate its travelers.
The traveler must know that the delay must be three hours or more (calculated on arrival), and that all flights are on the same reservation.
This can be very inconvenient as a situation, but the traveler benefits from compensation of up to € 600.