DOT LT is an airline of Lithuania, which could face several disturbances on the flights (cancellation, delay, ...).
For all departures from European Union airports, the airline must refer to the European regulations on assistance and compensation.

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 Cancellation ... When to Claim?

When to claim for a cancellation? You should know that the company must warn travelers at least fifteen days before, and that any cancellation last minute caused by the company, entitles travelers to claim compensation.
In the case of a cancellation caused by extraordinary circumstances (such as weather), the company is exempt from compensation. That said, it offers travelers reimbursement and re-routing and assistance.
The company must offer assistance depending on the waiting time at the airport (meals, hotel, ...).
The victims of cancellation can claim up to € 600 of compensation (it depends on the distance of the flight).

Denied Boarding

The victims of denied boarding have the right to claim compensation.
It should be known that the company refuses boarding travelers because of the overbooking practiced by the company who wants to avoid possible cancellation. But in this case, it must offer rerouting to travelers who live denied boarding.
As for the last minute cancellation, the traveler can claim compensation of up to € 600 in this case.

The delay ... What do you need to know?

Delays not caused by weather conditions, a strike of the control staff or other cause not controlled by the company give the right to travelers compensation of up to € 600.
Travelers are entitled to claim compensation for the delay of three hours and more calculated after arrival and assistance with: refreshment, meals, communication, hotel and transport (if necessary), it really depends on the duration of waiting at the airport.
The company is not liable for any delay caused by an extraordinary circumstance.

Missed Connecting Flight

For any "missed connecting flight", the traveler is protected by the European regulations which gives him the right to claim compensation.
It is important to know that in order to claim compensation the delay must be three hours (calculated on arrival), a delay not caused by extraordinary circumstances and that all flights are entered on the same reservation.
For any delay, the responsible company must offer its passengers assistance. The traveler may claim compensation of € 250, € 400 or € 600, depending on the flight.