Enter Air

Enter Air Sp. Z o.o. is a charter airline in Poland. Like all countries of the European Union, companies from these countries must comply with European regulations for any cancellation, delay or denied boarding.
European regulation 261/2004 defines the circumstances of assistance and compensation in case of cancellation, delay or overbooking.

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Cancellation and its consequences ...

The company must notify its passengers at least fifteen days beforehand for any changes concerning flights. In the case of a last-minute cancellation, the company must show that it was beyond its control.
When it comes to exceptional circumstances (weather, controllers strike, ...), the company is not responsible and can evade the compensation.
Since 2004, the European regulation obliges the companies to propose the choice to their travelers for the refund or the rerouting.
In addition, assistance must be provided by the company depending on the waiting time at the airport.

Denied Boarding

For any overbooking, the company is looking for volunteers to exchange their flight for other services (money, plane ticket, upgrade ...). Sometimes this is not enough and the company is forced to refuse boarding some travelers to face.
For any denied boarding, considered as a last-minute cancellation, travelers are entitled to refund and re-routing. They can choose according to their needs.
The company must naturally assist its passengers according to the waiting time at the airport.

 The delay

For any delay of three hours or more, the company must compensate its passengers under European regulations and provide assistance with meals, accommodation and even transportation if necessary. The support is based on the waiting time at the airport.
Travelers can claim compensation for any delay caused by extraordinary circumstances (weather, political instability, controllers' strike, ...). Compensation is € 250 for flights up to 1500km, € 400 for flights up to 3500 km and € 600 for flights over 3500km.

Missed Connecting Flight

Missed connecting flight is often the result of late-breaking or late cancellation.
For any delay of three hours or more, calculated after arrival at destination, the passenger will be able to claim compensation up to € 600, only if the disruption is caused by reasons controlled by the company (flight crew strike, .. .).
For any "Missed Connecting flight" the traveler may claim compensation if the delay is 3h, not caused by extraordinary circumstances and, if also all flights are registered on the same reservation.