Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines, in Amharic is the Ethiopian national airline. The European regulation 261/2004 must be respected by the company for all its departures from the European Union.
European regulations protect travelers for any cancellation, delay or denied boarding.

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Cancellation and claim

European regulations protect travelers for last-minute cancellations, and offer them assistance depending on how long they wait at the airport.
The compensation is between € 250 and up to € 600. Travelers are eligible for such compensation if the disruption is not the result of an exceptional condition. Travelers can also choose between re-routing or refund.
It is important to know the reasons for the cancellation, the company will be able to take out the exceptional conditions to avoid any claim.

Denied Boarding

Overbooking occurs when the company accepts more bookings than available seats. In this case, the company seeks from its travelers volunteers to exchange their seats for other services and another flight.
As with last-minute cancellation, the airline must offer the rerouting or refund as a choice to its passengers ... and must take care of the passengers during their expectations at the airport.
Travelers receive compensation if they claim after this disruption. The compensation is between € 250 and € 600.

Delay and its conditions

Delays longer than three hours entitle passengers to claim compensation. The company has to offer assistance with refreshments, meals, commissions, accommodation and transportation ... but it depends on the waiting time at the airport.
In some cases, the company may not be responsible for the delay .... but only if this is caused by exceptional reasons such as the weather or a strike controllers for example.
Travelers can claim compensation between € 250 and € 600 for any delay exceeding three hours upon arrival, and if the company is unable to provide assistance, it will have to reimburse the expenses of the travelers.

Missed Connecting Flight

European regulations protect travelers from this and allow them to claim compensation for missed connecting flights.
being stuck in the middle of the trip is not always pleasant but you can claim compensation, it is just that the delay is three hours and more, not caused by extraordinary circumstances and all flights are on the same reservation and this under the law.
Travelers are entitled to up to € 600 compensation and assistance for waiting at the airport.