Ewa Air


Ewa Air is a French airline based in Dzaoudzi in the department of Mayotte. Like all companies, Ewa Air will be able to face cancellation, delay or even overbooking.
European regulation 261/2004 protects travelers from all disturbances that may occur. The company must comply with the rules on assistance and compensation.

The tool below is an effective way to claim your rights and claim compensation. A team of professionals will accompany you during this process.

A cancellation at Ewa Air?

Any victim of last minute cancellation will have the right to request and claim his rights. The company and obliged to warn its travelers for any change at least fifteen days before the flight. That said, the company will be able to face an exceptional circumstance (like the weather) and cancel the flight at the last minute.
To claim compensation, the cancellation must not be the result of an extraordinary circumstance. The compensation varies between € 250 and € 600.
Travelers are entitled to assistance, depending on how long they wait at the airport ... they can choose to refund or re-route.

Denied boarding: for what reasons?

Denial of boarding occurs when the company accepts more bookings than available seats. In this case, the company starts looking for volunteers to offer them other services and benefits in exchange for their bookings, but this is not always effective.
Passengers who have been refused boarding are protected by the European regulations allowing them to claim up to € 600 in compensation.
Travelers receive assistance during their expectations and can choose between refunding or redirecting.

The Delay ... What to do?

The company must provide assistance to its passengers based on the delay at the airport. If she is unable to take care of her passengers, she must reimburse the expenses incurred.
The compensation is € 250 for the flight of up to 1500km, € 400 for the flight of up to 3500km and € 600 for the delay of more than 3500km.
It is important to know the reasons for the delay: the company is not responsible if the delay is caused by a weather condition, political instability, a controller strike, an avian collision, ... any reason not controlled by the company .

Missed Connecting Flight

European regulation 261/2004 protects travelers and encourages companies to assist and compensate travelers for any delay or cancellation.
The "missed connecting flight" is often the result of a cancellation or delay caused by the company, but it can also be the fault of the traveler himself.
To claim compensation, the disturbance must not be the result of an extraordinary circumstance such as weather conditions. The delay must be three hours and more, the flights must be on the same reservation.