For any delay, cancellation or overbooking from an airport in a country of the European Union, FlexFlight must provide assistance and comply with the terms of reimbursement and compensation.

Indeed, the passengers are protected by the European regulation  261/2004 for all the disturbances that can occur during a departure of an airport of the EU.

The tool below is a simple and effective solution to call a specialist team and get compensation quickly.

Cancellation of flights

The company is obliged to compensate passengers in the event of a last minute cancellation caused by a cause that it could avoid (flight crew strike, technical problem, ...).

The company must also provide its passengers with assistance depending on the waiting time.

It is obliged to propose the choice between a re-routing or reimbursement.

The compensation varies according to the distance of the flight: € 250 for the flights of up to 1500km, € 400 for the flights of up to 3500km and € 600 for the flights of more than 3500km.


In case of overbooking (overbooking), the company faces a binding situation and must, in this case, refuse boarding to certain travelers.

This situation is painful but the traveler has the right to choose between a refund and or a re-routing. The company must offer assistance in the same way as the delay or cancellation.

Victim of overbooking? call our team for compensation of up to € 600.

The delay

For the delay of three hours or more not caused by an extraordinary circumstance (such as weather conditions) travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600.

You must know that you are entitled to assistance in the event of a delay. Really, you are entitled to a meal or snack, telephone communication and even accommodation with transportation in a few situations ... it depends on the waiting time at the airport.

A delay? missed connecting flight

Choosing a stopover flight can end on a negative note!

Indeed, a delay at the airport leads to miss its correspondence ... a situation that can be resolved quickly if the same company takes care of all the flights. In the case of various companies, travelers may pay a fee to exchange their flight with the company not responsible for the delay.

Travelers are protected by European regulations and can claim compensation up to € 600 for any delay of three hours or more calculated after arrival.

It is important to learn about the reasons for the delay. The company is not responsible when it comes to an exceptional condition.