French Bee

French Bee, formerly French Blue, is a French low-cost airline.
Any victim of cancellation, delay or even a denied boarding at French Bee gives him the right to assistance and compensation under the European regulation  N 261/2004, which protects travelers of these disturbances.

The tool below is an effective way for travelers to claim compensation quickly thanks to a team of professionals.

The cancellation ...

Victim of cancellation? You can have up to € 600 as compensation because European regulations protect you from last-minute cancellations.
The reasons for the cancellation are important, it should be known that the company is not responsible if the cancellation is caused by a meteorological condition, a strike of the controllers or porters, a political instability, an avian collision, ... or any other exceptional condition.
The company is obliged to offer its passengers the choice between reimbursement or re-routing ... and pays for them depending on the waiting time at the airport.

Denied Boarding

The company seeks volunteers in case of overbooking, the company offers various services (free ticket, upgrade, money, ...) to travelers who agree to give up their reservations.
It's not always enough! in some cases, the airline switches to denied boarding and this may affect any non-sick passenger.
The company offers the victims of this disruption to choose between reimbursement or re-routing ... it also offers them assistance.

The delay

It is essential that travelers receive assistance from the company which must offer refreshments, meals, ... accommodation is required if travelers must spend the night at the airport.
For any delay of three hours or more, calculated after arrival at destination, which is not caused by extraordinary circumstances (according to European regulations) gives the right to travelers to claim compensation between € 250 and € 600.

Missed Connecting Flight

The "missed connection" caused by the company as a result of a delay or cancellation, entitles travelers to claim compensation of up to € 600.
There are certain conditions to claim compensation between € 250 and € 600, it takes a delay of at least three hours, a disruption not caused by extraordinary circumstances ... and flights on the same reservation.
The European regulation protects travelers, and gives them the right to claim compensation. You should also know that the company is not liable if it proves that it was caused by conditions not controlled by it (extraordinary circumstances).