Iberia is an excellent airline, but due to the complexity of airline operations, it can face cancellations, delays or overbookings.

It is subject to European Regulation CE No. 261/2004, as well as European carrier, which causes it to comply with the terms of assistance, reimbursement and compensation.

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Iberia announces a flight cancellation?

The company does its best to contact travelers at least two weeks before to announce this change, but otherwise you are entitled to claim compensation.

Travelers have the right to choose between rerouting or refund. The company must provide assistance based on the waiting time at the airport.

For any last-minute cancellation not caused by an extraordinary circumstance, travelers are eligible for compensation of up to €  600.

Overbooking ... What to do?

All bookings that exceed the number of seats offered will lead the company to overbooking, which will result in denied boarding to travelers.

In this situation, the air carrier must offer its passengers a re-routing to their destinations or reimbursement of tickets.

A denied boarding is a last minute cancellation, which allows travelers to claim compensation between € 250 and € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.

Victim of a delay?

The company must provide assistance (meals, telephone communication or accommodation) for delays ... it depends on the waiting time of passengers at the airport.

For delays of more than three hours caused by the company and not by extraordinary conditions (weather or safety strike), travelers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600.

Missed Connecting Flight

Travelers can opt for a stopover flight, which can be very fun! but it can turn into a nightmare if the first flight is delayed!

A delay at the airport leads to missing his correspondence ... a situation that can be resolved quickly if the same company takes care of all the flights. In the case of various companies, travelers may pay a fee to exchange their flight with the company not responsible for the delay.

Travelers are protected by European regulations and can claim compensation for any delay of three hours or more (calculated at the airport).