Indigo or Indigo Airlines is a low cost airline based in India. A company that will be able to face different disruptions during its air operations. For all its departures from European Union airports, the company has a European regulation 261/2004 to respect.
Cancellation, delay or denied boarding? European regulation EC No 261/2004 protects travelers from these disturbances and gives passengers the right to compensation.

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The cancellation

Cancellation is an infrequent situation that can occur at airports in Europe. It should be noted that the company is obliged to consider the claim file and compensate its passengers for any last-minute cancellation not caused by weather conditions, a strike by the controllers or porters, an avian collision, etc. or other extraordinary circumstance.
The assistance is obliged in this situation, travelers while waiting at the airport, with meals, accommodation, ... according to their needs.
Travelers will have the right to choose to be reimbursed or opt for a re-routing to the destination ... They can claim compensation up to € 600.

Denied boarding

Travelers may be denied boarding if the airline practices overbooking to avoid cancellations ... this will cause it to seek out travelers who agree to exchange their flights for other services.
€ 250, € 400 or € 600 as compensation for voluntary travelers or not, undergoing a denied boarding.
Travelers can opt for another flight or refund ... they obviously receive assistance during the wait at the airport.

The delay

A delay is always binding! ... Fortunately, the European regulation protects travelers and offers them the possibility to ask for compensation under certain conditions.
It is important to know that the company can prove that the delay is due to reasons not controlled by it and will, in this case, be exempt from compensation.
Unless she is able to prove that, for any delay of three hours and the, the traveler will be able to touch a compensation between € 250 and € 600.
Travelers must wait for their plane to arrive and it can take hours ... the company has to offer assistance depending on the waiting time.

Missed Connecting Flight

"Missed connecting flight" is caused by last-minute delay or cancellation, and this causes a lot of inconvenience for travelers who opt for a flight with one or more stops.
In the case of a flight with several companies, the traveler may pay additional fees to the non-liable airline to exchange their flight.
It is important to know that the traveler can claim compensation up to € 600 but only if:
- if the delay is three hours or more, if the disruption is not caused by extraordinary circumstances and if all the flights are on the same reservation.