Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is a low-cost Australian airline, wholly owned by Qantas Airways, Australia's national airline.
European regulation EC No 261/2004 protects travelers for any cancellation, delay or denied boarding caused by the airline from Europe.

The tool below is an effective and free solution, available to travelers to claim their rights quickly.

Cancellation: what you need to know

If the passengers are not warned at least two weeks before, they are eligible for a flat-rate compensation explicitly provided for by the European regulation. (The company must notify its passengers for cancellations, even if they have been through a travel agency).
The compensation is € 250 for flights less than 1,500 km, € 400 for those between 1,500 and 3,500 km and € 600 beyond ... for any cancellation not caused by extraordinary circumstances.
In the event of a surprise cancellation, the airline must offer re-routing or reimbursement and offer its passengers assistance based on the waiting time at the airport.

Denied boarding: What is its cause?

For any denied boarding, the company starts by looking for volunteers to avoid any confusing situation! this allows him to cope with lack of places.
In this case, the passengers benefit from various services in exchange (money, upgrading, ticket, ...). Travelers can choose to re-route to the destination or refund.
The airline offers its passengers assistance for any waiting at the airport, and in this case, travelers are entitled to compensation between € 250 and € 600 for this loss.

The delay

For any delay not caused by weather conditions, political instability, bird strike, ... or any other exceptional condition, travelers can claim their rights and claim compensation from € 250.
Any delay of three hours or more entitles travelers to claim compensation of up to € 600.

The company must take care of its passengers, including meals, refreshments, accommodation ... depending on the length of time to wait at the airport.

Missed Connecting Flight

Missed correspondence may be caused by cancellation or delay, but travelers are protected by European regulation EC No 261/2004.
For such prejudice, travelers can claim compensation of € 250 for flights less than 1 500 km, € 400 for those between 1 500 and 3 500 km and  € 600 beyond.
The traveler can claim compensation only if all his flights are in the same reservation, it is necessary a disturbance not caused by extraordinary circumstances, and in case of delay, it must be three hours and more.