Jet Time

Jet Time is a Danish airline that operates mainly scheduled and charter flights. The company has a European regulation EC No 261/2004 to respect for all its air operations with departure or arrival in Europe.

The tool below is a great way for all travelers affected by disruption. This is a free and effective solution to claim compensation quickly.

An unexpected cancellation!

The airline is obliged to warn travelers at least two weeks before such changes.
If, once at the airport, you are surprised by a flight cancellation, you will be entitled to assistance depending on your waiting time ... and the choice between a re-routing to the destination or a refund.
for this disturbance, it is necessary to respect the European regulation which defines the circumstances of compensation. Travelers can claim compensation of up to € 600 for any cancellation caused by a flight crew strike or other reasons controlled by the airline. The latter is not liable if it proves that the cancellation is the result of extraordinary circumstances.

Overbooking and Denied Boarding!

Victim of a denied boarding? the company facing overbooking will look for volunteers who give up their reservations in exchange for other services.
European regulations protect you against this disruption, and you can claim compensation of up to € 600 for any denied boarding.
The company will offer assistance (meals, telephone or other communication and accommodation) according to your waiting time.
If the airline is unable to guarantee flight re-routing in the desired conditions, you may request a refund.

Delay: Know the causes

For such a disruption, it takes no less than three hours late to be eligible for compensation. The company may also face delays caused by extraordinary circumstances and, in this case, it is exempt from compensation.
The airline must offer assistance based on the waiting time of passengers at the airport, namely meals, drinks, two free communications and even accommodation if necessary.
To claim its rights, it must be known that this varies according to the distance of the flight: € 250 for the flights of up to 1500km, € 400 for the flights of up to 3500km and € c600 for the flights exceeding 3500km.

Missed Connecting Flight

A cancellation or a delay will lead to the "missed connection" for all travelers who opt for a stopover!
Passengers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 in this case for any delay of three hours or more (calculated on arrival), not caused by extraordinary circumstances.
If the same company handles all the flights, the traveler will be entitled to a re-routing to the destination, but in the case of several companies, travelers could pay a fee to exchange the flight with the company not responsible for the flight!
To claim compensation, all flights must also be on the same reservation.