Kenya Airways


Kenya Airways is the national airline of Kenya. It operates flights since 1977, year of its creation.
The company must comply with European regulation EC No 261/2004 for all departures from the EU. The regulation relates to assistance and compensation and clearly defines the conditions of compensation for any cancellation, delay or denied boarding.

The tool below is a free solution that allows you to claim compensation, with the support of a professional team.

Cancellation at Kenya Airways

The company is obliged to warn passengers of any cancellation at least two weeks before. If it does not, it entitles travelers to claim compensation of up to € 600.
The company must offer assistance to its passengers for any waiting at the airport 2 hours and more. Support depends on flight distance and waiting time.
Passengers have the right to choose to continue on another replacement flight or to be reimbursed for their airfare.
Note: Even if passengers are reimbursed for their flights, they are eligible for compensation ranging from € 250 to € 600.

Denied boarding ... Overbooking

Denied boarding is often caused by overbooking that the company practices. To cope with this situation, she is looking for volunteers but that is not always enough!
Volunteers or not, travelers have the right to choose to continue the journey on another replacement flight under satisfactory conditions or to choose the reimbursement of the air ticket.
The compensation is € 250 for flights up to 1500km, € 400 for flights between 1500km and 3500km and € 600 for flights beyond.
To claim compensation, it must be the fault of the company and must be present at the registration in time.

Delay and Compensation

The delay of the flight gives the right to the travelers to claim a financial compensation of € 250, € 400 and € 600, for a flight between 1500km and beyond 3500km.
The traveler may request compensation for any delay of 3 hours or more, calculated after arrival at the destination.
Assistance: The company must take care of its passengers for any waiting at the airport. If the carrier is not able to provide this assistance, it will have to reimburse the expenses incurred by the passengers.
The company is not liable if it refers to extraordinary circumstances.

Missed Connecting Flight

The cancellation and late arrival miss the correspondence to travelers who opt for a stopover flight.
Pretty frustrating as a situation! but fortunately, travelers are protected by European regulations that encourage companies to protect passengers and reinforce this with conditions to respect.
To claim compensation of up to € 600, you must:
A delay of three hours or more, a disruption not caused by extraordinary circumstances and all flights must be on the same reservation.