Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is an airline of Kuwait, founded in 1954. For all the departures of the airports of Europe, the company must respect the European regulation.
In addition to the flights of European companies, the European regulation EC 261/2004 protects the rights of travelers in the case of a flight from Europe with a non-European company.

The tool below allows travelers to claim compensation for injury as many times as they want. A team of experts is available to assist you during the compensation process.

Cancellation: conditions for compensation

The company is obliged to inform its passengers of any cancellation at least two weeks beforehand. If this is not respected, travelers have the right to claim financial compensation of up to € 600.
The company can justify itself and prove the uncontrolled circumstances "exceptional circumstances", and in this case, it will be exempted from the payment of compensation.
Responsible or not, the company must offer its passengers assistance with drinks, meals, ... and accommodation if necessary.
Travelers have the right to request reimbursement of their airfares, such as choosing to continue the journey via a replacement flight, under satisfactory conditions.

Denied boarding

The most common reason for denied boarding is overbooking, the airline is facing a critical situation and must refuse boarding to certain travelers.
The airline will try to place its passengers in a higher class if it finds empty places, otherwise it will propose a replacement flight as well as various services that the traveler will be able to negotiate.
As for last-minute cancellation, the company offers assistance and offers refund or re-routing.
Travelers, even in the event of refund, can ask compensation which varies between € 250 and € 600.

Delay: Request the refund of his ticket

For any delay from 2hours, the company must offer assistance to its passengers depending on the waiting time. When this is 3 hours and more, the company is obliged to compensate its passengers for this inconvenience.
Right to accommodation:
Passengers are entitled to a free night at the hotel with transportation between the airport and the accommodation, if the delay lasts a whole night.
Travelers have the right to request reimbursement of their airline tickets for any delay of 5 hours or more.
The company must offer a compensation of € 250 for the flight of up to 1500km, € 400  for the flight of up to 3500km and € 600 for the flight beyond.

Missed Connecting Flight

If the traveler faces a missed connection due to a delay, cancellation or denied boarding, he has the right to claim compensation of up to € 600.
The company might not be responsible but must, for that, prove the extraordinary circumstances it has faced!
To claim compensation, the company must be responsible and the delay is 3 hours and more ... the traveler must have all flights on the same reservation.
Travelers are entitled to assistance, which depends on the waiting time at the airport.