LIAT is an airline of the Lesser Antilles. Founded in 1956, its name comes from Leeward Islands and means "Leeward Islands Air Transport".

Victims of disturbances at LIAT? European Regulation EC N ° 261/2004 protects passengers from all cancellations, delays, overbooking or denied boarding ... considered as obstacles to the rights of passengers.

The regulation defines the common rules, specifying the rights and obligations of the company which must respect the system of compensation established.

You will find below a free and effective tool, a solution that allows you to claim your rights and quickly obtain financial compensation.

Cancellation: When to claim compensation?

The European Regulation establishes a compensation system that the company must respect. Following this, travelers are entitled to € 250, € 400 or € 600, depending on the distance of the flights.

The company must inform passengers of any cancellation at least 14 days before. Surprise cancellation entitles travelers to claim financial compensation, but only if the disruption is not caused by any of the extraordinary exonerating circumstances.

The regulation defines the obligation to assist companies to further protect travelers. Thus, the company must offer basic services: snacks, drinks and two free communications. Accommodation is offered for any flight won overnight, with transportation between the accommodation and the airport.

You also have the right to choose between Refund or Re-routing.

Denied Boarding: overbooking

Denied boarding is an obstacle to the rights of passengers, which gives them financial compensation of between € 250 and € 600.

Before turning to denied boarding, the company could look for solutions such as upgrading or ask some travelers to exchange their reservations with certain benefits ... when it is useless, the company refuses boarding to some travelers to deal with the situation.

Passengers have the right to choose the refund of their tickets or the re-routing by accepting the means of transport proposed by the airline (flight or otherwise).

The company has to respect the obligations defined by the European regulation, the assistance and the compensation. Travelers are entitled to up to € 600 as financial compensation.

Delay: Assistance and Complaint

From 2 hours late, the company must offer support with at least drinks, snacks and two free communications, it depends on the waiting time at the airport.

In the case of a delay caused by the company, the latter must compensate its passengers under the European Regulation. For this, the delay must be 3 hours, calculated after arrival at the airport and not before.

When this exceeds 5 hours, travelers can request reimbursement of airline tickets or continue the trip with the company.

Missed Connecting Flight

Cancellation or delay often results in a "missed connecting flight" for travelers who opt for a stopover flight. The European Regulation protects travelers from disturbances and allows them to claim compensation.

This disruption gives passengers the right to claim compensation between € 250 and € 600. For this, the delay must be three hours or more, the disruption not caused by extraordinary circumstances (meteorological condition, political instability, airport strike, bird strike, ... "

All flights must be on the same reservation. Passengers are supported depending on the waiting time at the airport.