Lufthansa was founded in 1926 and since that day it has not stopped advancing and developing. This is a company that has built a reputation over time. It sometimes happens that flights are canceled or delayed at the company or that passengers face denied boarding due to overbooking or other ... What does not always please!

European Regulation CE No 261/2004 protects passengers from disturbances that may occur ... The company is obliged to offer assistance, to reimburse and compensate travelers in these cases.

The tool below is an efficient solution that will allow you to claim your rights and recover your compensation according to European regulations, as soon as possible.

 Flight canceled at Lufthansa

Cancellations are common among airlines, if you are faced with such a situation, you must first look for the causes of the cancellation.

The company does not consider claims for cancellations caused by extraordinary events, a strike by security personnel, unforeseen failures or weather conditions.

The airline is obliged to offer its passengers the choice between a re-routing to the destination or a refund of the ticket.

The last-minute cancellation due to circumstances that could have been avoided by the company (eg flight crew strike) entitles passengers to claim compensation of up to € 600.

Denied Boarding at Lufthansa

If for reasons of overbooking you can not board the flight you have booked, the company will offer you a re-routing or refund.

In fact, travelers who have been denied boarding voluntarily or involuntarily have the right to choose between re-routing or reimbursement and have the same "assistance" as for the delay.

The compensation depends on the distance from the destination:

Flight of up to 1500km:
- € 250 if the time of arrival of the new redirected flight is delayed more than 2 hours.
- € 150 if the arrival time is delayed less than 2 hours.

Flight of up to 3500km:
- EUR 400 if the arrival time of the redirected flight is delayed more than 3 hours
- EUR 200 if the arrival time is delayed less than 3 hours.

Flight over 3500km:
- EUR 600 if the arrival time of the redirected flight is delayed more than 4 hours
- EUR 300 if the arrival time is delayed by less than 4 hours.

 Flight delayed at Lufthansa

This is your case? Since Lufthansa is an EU airline, you are in your rights if your journey includes at least one EU airport.

The minimum delay of a delay must be 3 hours for delays not caused by cancellations (regardless of the journey).

For delays following cancellations with rerouting, this will depend on the route:
- 2 hours late for a flight of up to 1500km
- 3 hours late for a flight of up to 3500km
- 4h min delay for a non-EU flight over 3500km

For any delay of three hours or more not caused by extraordinary circumstances (political instability, bad weather conditions, strikes, ground and / or flight safety problems, unforeseen failures), the traveler may claim compensation up to € 600.

Missed Connecting Flight

Opting for a flight with one or more stops may have a negative point in case of a delay ... This misses travelers their connections!

Passengers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 in this case for any delay of three hours or more (calculated on arrival) but the company is not responsible for delays caused by an exceptional condition.

It is also important to learn about the flight with stopover. If the same company takes care of all the flights, the traveler will have the right to a re-routing towards the destination and right to the assistance also.

In the case of several companies, the traveler could pay a fee to exchange the flight with the company not responsible for the flight!