Martinair Netherland

Martinair Netherland is an airline from the Netherlands, which will be able to cope with disturbances that cause it to cancel, delay or even refuse boarding to travelers.

For all these inconveniences, the airline is obliged to follow the common rules defined by the European Regulation EC No 261/2004 and thus to keep to its obligations: to inform the passengers of their rights, the assumption of responsibility, the reimbursement and compensation.

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Cancellation and Complaint

When should you claim your rights in case of cancellation? You should know that the airline must inform its passengers for any cancellation, at least 14 days before. In case of last minute cancellation, passengers have the right to claim compensation of € 250, € 400 and € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.

The airline company is obliged to take care of its passengers, with at least basic services and accommodation if passengers are to spend the night at the airport.

Under the Regulations, travelers have the right to choose the airfare reimbursement or re-routing by opting for the means of transportation offered by the airline.

Important: The airline company is not required to compensate passengers if the disruption is caused by an extraordinary circumstance.

Denied Boarding: Overbooking

The Refusal of boarding can be caused by the overbooking practiced by the airline company sui tries to avoid the empty places in the plane. This remains the last solution, as the airline company tries to put its passengers back to a higher class or offer them several advantages in order to abandon their reservations.

For this, the airline company must compensate its passengers for any claim. Pick-up is mandatory for any waiting at the airport.

As with last-minute cancellation, passengers are entitled to reimbursement of the airfare or to opt for re-routing to the final destination by accepting the airline company's proposed means of transportation (alternative flight or otherwise).

Delay and Compensation

The delay of the flight is considered as an obstacle to the rights of the passengers, for this the airline company must refer to some regulations:

  • 2h delay

The airline company must offer snacks, drinks and two free calls. This is valid for any delay of 2 hours (flight of up to 1500km), delay of 3 hours (flight between 1500 and 3500km) and delay of 4 hours (flight over 3500km).

  • 3h delay

In addition to assistance, passengers are entitled to compensation for any delay of 3 hours or more. They are entitled to 250 € (flight of up to 1500km), 400 € (flight between 1500km and 3500km) and 600 € (flight over 3500km). The airline company may be exempted from paying compensation if the delay is caused by one of the extraordinary circumstances.

  • 5h delay

When the delay reaches 5 hours, the passengers have the right to refund the plane ticket, but they can also opt for the alternative means of transport proposed by the company.

  • Flight delayed overnight

In this case, the airline company must guarantee and offer accommodation with transportation to its passengers.


Missed Connecting Flight

In the case of a missed connection due to a denied boarding by the airline, the airline is required to compensate you for the flight which has allowed you to return to your departure point and to reimburse your flight. part performed before giving up.

As passengers, you have the right to claim compensation for this damage. You also get support with accommodation if necessary

You can claim a compensation of: € 250 for the flight of up to 1500km, € 400 for the flight between 1500km and 3500km and € 600 for the flight of more than 3500km.