Nordic Regional Airlines

Nordic Regional Airlines is a Finnish airline, formerly known as Flybe Nordic, launched in 2011. The company started operations with 25 routes including ten new ones in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic States, with a fleet of ATR and Embraer .

For any cancellation, delay or overbooking, the airline must comply with the European Regulation CE261 / 2004 which brings together the common rules on compensation, assistance and reimbursement.

The use of the tool below allows you to quickly check your eligibility and the amount of your compensation for free, then enjoy a team of experts who will take care of the entire claim and you will receive compensation from up to 600 €.

The airline does not take any fees for the services offered if it does not succeed! A commission is deductible from the compensation paid by the company ... So no financial risk ... go there especially!

Compensation depends mainly on the distance of the flight:

  • € 250 for the flight of up to 1500km
  • € 400 for the flight between 1500km and 3500km
  • € 600 for the flight that exceeds 3500km

Compensation for cancellation

The airline must notify its passengers of any changes to the flight schedule at least 154 days before.

Passengers have the right to claim compensation for any cancellation, in the following cases:

  1. A flight that starts or ends in the EU
  2. You are not aware of this cancellation
  3. You do not benefit from a re-routing under the same conditions
  4. This cancellation is not caused by extraordinary circumstances

In addition to the compensation obligation, Nordic Regional Airlines must take care of its passengers for any waiting time from 2am, including snacks and two free calls and accommodation for any flight carried over to the next day.

For cancellation, travelers have the right to choose the refund by waiving the theft or re-routing by accepting the solution proposed by the airline.


Compensation for Denied Boarding

Victim of overbooking? The airline tries to find several solutions before denying passengers boarding. Passengers are offered a higher class (if available), air tickets, re-routing, ... and finally denied boarding.

Denial of boarding can be caused by overbooking or a technical failure that forces the company to change aircraft (reduced capacity in some cases).

Passengers are entitled to compensation of up to € 600 per passenger, refund or re-routing. The airline takes care of its passengers for any waiting at the airport.

Compensation for Delay

For any delay, the company must provide snacks, meals and two telephone or electronic communication to passengers, for all:

  • Delay of 2 hours for the flight of up to 1500km
  • 3h for the flight between 1500km and 3500km
  • 4h for flights over 3500km

When the delay is 3 hours after arrival at the destination, the passenger can claim financial compensation of up to € 600 ... Sometimes the company does not hesitate to mention the extraordinary circumstances, but the compensation company does everything to ensure compensation if you have an eligible file.

What are the extraordinary circumstances?

Extraordinary circumstances are conditions that airlines do not control such as weather conditions, airport strikes, bird strike, etc.

When to ask for the refund?

Passengers are entitled to reimbursement or re-routing for any delay that reaches 5 hours.


Compensation for a missed connecting Flight

What is more compelling than to announce that you have missed your connecting flight?! European Regulation CE261 protects travelers in this case and allows them to claim financial compensation of up to € 600 per passenger.

Do not panic, the company can take care of everything and offer a flight quickly and in the same conditions ... but in some cases, you find yourself in an embarrassing situation where you have to pay extra to take another flight!

You are entitled to support, reimbursement of the air ticket / or re-routing and compensation.