Primera Air

Primera Air is a Danish airline, which began operations in 2003 under the name JetX in Iceland.

You booked with Primera Air, but when you arrive at the airport you are facing a delay or cancellation? What do you need to know? and what are the rights?

The European Regulation clearly explains what a European airline must do if it announces a delay, cancellation or even a refusal to board. The rules concern the obligation of compensation, assistance and reimbursement.

The damage can be heavy for some travelers, and for that a team is ready to take care of your file without any financial risk for you. Use the tool below that allows you to check your eligibility and calculate the amount of your compensation in a few clicks, and then benefit from a team of professionals for the claim procedure.

Flight cancellation at Primera Air

For any delayed, canceled or overbooked flights that start or end in the EU area, Primera Air must start by taking care of its passengers with refreshments, meals, two communications and accommodation, depending on the duration of the flight. waiting at the airport.

Passengers are entitled to compensation ranging from € 250 to € 600 for any unjustified cancellation. However, the company is not responsible if the disruption is caused by extraordinary circumstances or if passengers are notified at least 14 days in advance.

In addition to compensation, passengers may choose to give up the flight, and thus request the reimbursement of their airline tickets. Re-routing is an option available to them too, by choosing the means of transport proposed by the airline to continue the journey.

Denied Boarding: Overbooking

A denied boarding is very restrictive for passengers who are preparing to embark on their flights! This can be caused by overbooking: a practice that the airline operates to prevent possible cancellation of reservations, or a technical problem that causes the airline to change aircraft of a different capacity.

The airline is looking for several solutions before passenger denied boarding; she is looking for volunteers who agree to give up their reservations in exchange for certain services (other flight, free ticket, money, upgrade, ...).

The victims of Refusal to board for overbooking or otherwise are eligible for compensation of up to € 600. They receive assistance and reimbursement of the ticket, as well as last minute cancellation.

Delay and Compensation

When should I ask for compensation for the flight delay? This is a question often asked by passengers who are victims of this injury. In accordance with European regulations, passengers are entitled to financial compensation in case of delay of 3 hours, calculated after arrival at destination.

The airline must take care of its passengers for any delay from 2 hours. The assistance consists in offering passengers meals and snacks as well as two free calls. Accommodation is offered if the flight is postponed to the next day, due to a significant delay.

When the delay reaches 5 hours, the passengers have the right to give up their flights and to benefit from a reimbursement of the ticket of plane.

Missed Connectinf Flight

Delay or cancellation may cause a "missed connection", which entitles travelers to claim compensation in accordance with European Regulation EC 261/2004.
The company in question for this flight delay must take care of its passengers, who are entitled to:

• Reimbursement (for part or parts of the trip not made and for the part or parts of the trip already made) or re-routing (a return flight to your departure point).
• A replacement flight
• A replacement flight at a later date and at your convenience

Passengers are entitled to support during the waiting period, in the same way as for delayed flight, in the event of a re-routing.

In the event of a missed connection following a flight cancellation, the responsible airline must take charge of its passengers, in the same way as for flight cancellation.