Rossiya Airlines

Rossiya Airlines is a Russian airline that ranks among the top three leaders in scheduled punctuality.

For all travelers in Rossiya who have been canceled, stolen, delayed, overbooked or missing a connection, European Regulations apply to all flights departing from an EU airport.

The Regulation brings together the common rules for any compensation, assistance or reimbursement, for European airlines as well as others.

The tool below is efficient, simple and fast way for all travelers who want to start compensation procedures. An operation without financial risk which allows you to benefit from a compensation of:

• €250 for flights up to 1500km
• €400 for flights between 1500km and 3500km
• €600 for flights over 3500km

Cancellation of theft and compensation

For any flight cancellation, the airline must notify its passengers at least two weeks before. This is not always obvious, giving passengers the right to claim compensation of up to € 600 per passenger.

Passengers are eligible for compensation in the following cases:
• Flight cancellation not caused by extraordinary circumstances
• Passengers not informed of this cancellation
• No replacement flights

In addition to compensation, air passengers are entitled to support with basic services: snacks, meals and two free calls. In case of a delay that lasts all night, passengers are entitled to accommodation with transportation between the airport and this place.

In case of cancellation of the flight, the traveler has the choice between reimbursement and re-routing but it is necessary to give up the flight or accept the solution proposed by the airline.

Denied Boarding for overbooking

Overbooking is a very common cause of denied boarding at the airport. In this case, the company accepts more bookings than the available seats, in order to avoid any last-minute cancellations.

This practice leads the company to refuse boarding to some passengers ... but before, it seeks volunteers to exchange their reservations for other services (upgrading, plane ticket, money, ...). Passengers are entitled to financial compensation of up to € 600 per passenger.

In addition, the airline must take care of its passengers while waiting at the airport ... just like cancellation, passengers denied boarding have the right to cancel their flights and request the refund.

3 hour flight delay

In case of a flight delay, air passengers are entitled to assistance with basic services for any delay of 2 hours (flight up to 1500km), delay of 3 hours (flight between 1500km and 3500km) and delay of 4 hours (flight over 3500km).

For any delay of 3 hours, travelers are entitled to compensation, the amount varies between € 250 and € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.
Passengers can opt for the reimbursement of the air ticket when the flight delay reaches 5 hours.

However, the claim is not accepted during a delay caused by one of the extraordinary circumstances (weather, general strike, exceptional event, ...).

Missed Connecting Flight

A missed connection is the consequence of a flight delay or cancellation caused by the airline as a result of causes inherent to the airline or extraordinary circumstances.

The company responsible for this disruption must take care of the passengers, who are entitled to claim compensation of up to € 600 for this loss.

Air passengers can also request reimbursement of the air ticket, by renouncing the flight. The airline must refund you the portion made (which becomes useless) and this not done.