Scandinavian Airlines System

Scandinavian Airlines System, also known as SAS, is a Scandinavian airline. This airline was established in 1946 in Sweden by three carriers: DDL, DNL and ABA. It offers more than 130 European, American and Asian destinations from northern cities.

For all flights that start or end in the EU, the airline has a European Regulation that must be respected in case of cancellation, delay or overbooking. SAS has three obligations: support, reimbursement or re-routing and compensation.

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Amount of compensation:

• €250  for flights up to 1500km
• €400 for flights between 1500km and 3500km
• €600 for flights over 3500km

SAS Flight Cancellation

The airline must inform its passengers at least two weeks before any cancellation. European Regulation EC 261/2004 protects travelers and allows them to claim compensation of up to € 600 per passenger.

Passengers are eligible for compensation if this flight cancellation is not caused by extraordinary circumstances, passengers are not informed of this cancellation, and in case of absence of replacement flight.

Air passengers are entitled to basic services: snacks, meals and two free calls ... as well as accommodation and transportation, offered for long waits for travelers to spend nights. at the airport.

In case of flight cancellation, the traveler has the choice between giving up or continuing the flight, opting either for a refund or a re-routing.

Denied boarding: Cause and compensation

What is the main cause of denied boarding?

Overbooking is one of the most common causes of denied boarding at the airport. A practice that consists of accepting more bookings than available seats, to avoid any last-minute cancellations.

The company, following overbooking, is forced to refuse boarding to some passengers ... but before, it seeks volunteers to exchange their reservations for other services (upgrading, plane ticket, money, ...) . Passengers are entitled to financial compensation of up to € 600 per passenger.

The airline must take care of its passengers while waiting at the airport. It should also be noted that passengers who are denied boarding have the right to cancel their flights and request reimbursement.

Delayed Flight: Assistance and Refund

In case of a flight delay, air passengers are entitled to assistance with basic services: refreshments, meals, two free calls, for all

• 2h delay (flight up to 1500km)
• delay of 3 hours (flight between 1500km and 3500km)
• 4h delay (flight over 3500km).

Compensation for late flight: For any delay of 3 hours, travelers are entitled to compensation, the amount varies between € 250 and € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.

Refund: Passengers may opt for the reimbursement of the air ticket when the flight delay reaches 5 hours.

The company is exempted from paying compensation for any delay caused by one of the extraordinary circumstances (weather, general strike, exceptional event, ...).

Missed Connecting Flight

A missed connecting flight? it is a very embarrassing situation for all the travelers who organized their trips.

The delay or cancellation entitles the passengers to claim compensation from the airline responsible for this disruption. It is recommended to inquire about the causes of the disturbance and to keep all travel documents.

The responsible airline must take care of its passengers at the airport ... they have the right to claim financial compensation of up to € 600 ... and can waive this trip and thus request the refund of the ticket. plane.