Coronavirus: The airlines of the whole world are on the alert!

African, European … all the airlines in the world are alert to the Coronavirus epidemic, and go through a suspension or reduction of flights to and from China for an indefinite period, in some cases!

The toll of the coronavirus epidemic on Tuesday is of contamination in 27 countries, 425 dead in Chinese territory, according to authorities, and more than 20,582 people who are infected throughout Chinese territory. Outside of China, a 39-year-old man from Hong Kong died as a result of this epidemic, despite his condition initially stabilizing.

Lufthansa confirms the continuation of the suspension of flights until February 28 for Beijing and Shanghai and “until March 28” for Nanjing, Shenyang and Qingdao, and flights to Hong Kong will continue to be provided … While considering the passenger safety as a “priority”, Swiss and Austrian Airlines flights will also be suspended.

Air France has decided to suspend its scheduled flights to Shanghai and Beijing until February 29, according to the latest press release. The airline specifies that its travelers having a reservation until February 29 can postpone their flights until towards China until February 31, 2020, or even ask for the refunding. On the KLM side, the decision to suspend flights to Chengdu, Hangzou and Xiamen is still maintained.

The Air France-KLM group is considered to be the leading European carrier between Europe and China, with no less than 90 flights per week.

The deletions continue …

British Airways suspends flights to and from China until February 29 with the exception of Hong Kong.
Cathay Pacific, Dragonair, Finnair, Qantas Airways, scoot Airlines, … suspend their services in China until the end of March.

In the Emirates, Emirates Airlines cuts frequencies to Beijing and Shanghai and Etihad Airways suspends flights to Chengdu and one of its daily rotations to Shanghai during the month of February.

In Saudi Arabia, Saudia suspends its flights to Guangzhou. Oman Air does not operate flights to Guangzhou until the end of the month.

Qatar Airways has stopped routes between Doha and Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai, until an unspecified date.
Vietnam Airlines stops offering flights to China until an unspecified date, while reducing the number of flights to Hong Kong from 10 to 7 per week. VietJet keeps its flights to Hong Kong but suspends its flights to China, at an unknown date for the moment.

Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, IndiGo and Korean Air are announcing a return to normal by the end of February.

LOT Polish Airlines announced a suspension of all flights between Poland and Beijing or Shanghai until February 29. Aeroflot, in Russia, maintains four routes between Moscow and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and suspends other flights between the country and China.

In the United States, American Airlines announces the abolition of flights to China until March 27, 2020. Delta Airlines announces, for its part, will suspend all connections until April 30 … United Airlines suspends flights to Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu from February 6 to March 28, but maintains the daily flight between San Francisco and Hong Kong.

In Africa, airlines are doing it too! Royal Air Maros suspends its flights following the drop in demand on flights to and from Beijing, while announcing a resumption of traffic for February 29.

Kenya Airways announces the suspension of its flights to Ghangzhou, and will continue its activities to Bangkok, in Thailand. This decision is in line with the recommendations of the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

Air Algerie also announces the temporary cessation of flights to China, as a preventive measure due to the spread of this new coronavirus. The airline went to Wuhan (China), whose flight arrived in Algiers on Monday with 60 Algerian, Tunisian, Libyan and Mauritanian nationals on board … taking preventive measures, including health kits and disinfection before takeoff and after landing.

Ethiopian Airlines, for its part, maintains its flights to the five cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hong Kong, while recalling the importance of the Chinese market for its development.

WHO reassures … and does not mention a “pandemic”

The World Health Organization has announced that the outbreak of viral pneumonia in China is not considered a “pandemic” at this time. The spread of this new coronavirus has killed 425 people in China to date, with contamination in more than 20 countries.

WHO is trying to reassure, by declaring that this is an epidemic phase with multiple outbreaks, and is not yet a pandemic, a term used for worldwide spread. Various countries participate in finding a vaccine

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