Deadline limit for a claim

In the European Union, passengers can benefit from a law authorizing them to claim compensation for a flight delay (+ 3h), cancellation, overbooking or an internal strike in the airline, whether European or not.

As a reminder, the compensation rate varies according to the distance of the flight in question:

Distance less than 1500km: €250 compensation

Distance between 1500km and 3500km: €400 of compensation

Distance of more than 3500km: €600 of compensation


Companies that specialize in compensating companies for their clients may set limits internally.

Austria: 3 years

Belgium: 1 year

Bulgaria: 5 years

Croatia: 3 years

Cyprus: 6 years

Denmark: 3 years

Spain: 5 years

Estonia: 3 years

Finland: 3 years

France: 5 years

Greece: 5 years

Hungary: 5 years

Iceland: 2 years

Ireland: 6 years

Italy: 26 months

Latvia: 2 years

Lithuania: 3 years

Luxembourg: 10 years

Malta: No limit

Norway: 3 years

Netherlands: 2 years

Poland: 1 year

Portugal: 3 years

Czech Republic: 3 years

United Kingdom: 6 years

Romania: 3 years

Slovakia: 2 years

Slovenia: 2 years

Sweden: 3 years

Switzerland: 2 years

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