Disturbed flights to and from France: Result equals 34 years!

According to the balance of Air indemnité, French airports record a number of delays during the year 2018 which equals 34 years. The figures show that the last twelve months show a 56% increase in disruptions, compared to the year 2017 which was marked with 71 million passengers more than in 2016.

Air indemnité specifies that more than one million flights have been operated from or to France in just one year, during which more than 127 million passengers were counted at departure and to France.

Statistics show that the number of cancellations has almost doubled, including + 95%. On the side of the delays, those of more than 2h showed an increase of 25.6%, and those of more than 3h are with + 26.8%.

During this period, 41,639 flights were canceled or delayed by more than 2 hours, impacting 4.7 million passengers. Potential compensation is estimated, according to the compensation company, at more than one billion euros (1,044,990,100).

On the Top 3 most punctual airlines, we find:

  • Tunisair with 11.35% of disturbed flights
  • Twin Jet which displays 6.73% of disturbed flights
  • Nouvelair with 5.79% of disturbed flights

Air France has been impacted by social movements, which explains the high rate of disruptions during the month of April, following strikes between February and May 2018, "... the month of April is clearly the most affected. year, "according to Air indemnité, which also mentions that the strike of the air traffic controllers directly impacted the flights, but this remains an extraordinary circumstance exonerating, which allows the airline to avoid the compensation of its passengers.

In addition, the company blames other social movements, which have reduced the performance of airlines, such as the strike of the baggage handlers at Orly in early and mid-2018, strikes air traffic controllers in the south of France in the month of June, ...

The air Links to and from Paris the most impacted

At the national level, the most impacted links are:

  • Paris Orly-Agen: 13.39%
  • Paris orly-Castres: 11.26%
  • Marseille-Lyon Saint-Exupery: 10.81%

(canceled flights or a delay of more than 2 hours)

At the international level, the most impacted links are:

  • Singapore-Paris-CDG: 19.80%
  • Mexico-Paris CDG: 18.66%
  • Shanghai Pudong-Paris CDG: 15.35%

(flights canceled or delayed by more than 2 hours)

These results relate to flights departing from and to France, with 1,125,629 flights during the year 2018. However, several airlines show a low rate of irregularities.

The most punctual airlines

On the regular airlines:

  • Ukraine International Airlines: 0.26%
  • Aegean Airlines: 0.51%
  • Emirates: 0.58%

(flights canceled or delayed more than 2 hours)

On low cost airlines:

  • Pegasus Airlines: 0.86%
  • Air Baltic: 0.87%
  • Transavia: 1.41%

(flights canceled or delayed more than 2 hours)

European Regulation EC No 261/2004 entered into force in 2005, it establishes "common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and cancellation or long delay of flight". Thus, the airlines are required to comply with the obligation of assumption of responsibility, the obligation of refund / re-routing and the obligation of compensation.

Air indemnité is a compensation company that offers victims of cancellations, delays, denied boarding or missed connections to accompany them during the claim process, in order to make them benefit from the work of a team of experts, and increase their chances of getting compensation quickly.

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