The ICAO approach to resuming flights: The take-off Guidance

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has put in place “Take-off Guidance” guidelines for resuming flights after this Coronavirus health crisis. This is programmed for the entire air transport sector: airlines, airports, freight transport and all the crew, in order to allow a safer recovery and reduce the risk of contamination linked to Covid-19.

The pandemic leaves a fairly significant impact on air transport, estimated according to ICAO at a loss of 612 million passengers in the first quarter (a -28.4% drop in global passenger traffic volumes for the first quarter of 2020) . The organization forecasts a decrease in domestic and international traffic of -50.4% for the whole of 2020 compared to 2019 figures.

Even before the start of this second wave which hits in Europe and in the world, there was talk of a loss of up to “71% of the seat capacity and up to 1.5 billion passengers in the world” . In terms of annual revenues, airlines and airports will face a catastrophe in the results of the year 2020.

The organization presented an aviation health safety protocol, which helps protect travelers and airline and airport workers for a safer recovery during the Covid-19 pandemic. Security measures that allow the activity of airlines and the aviation sector to resume, while reducing risks to public health.

IATA, the association of 290 airlines, has appealed to governments to open borders and maintain aid to help support the return of air transport activity. She spoke of the importance of the ICAO measures, adding to that a system of “travel bubbles” in order to decrease the risk of contamination. The reopening of the borders is a priority for the governments for the economic recovery of the countries. For that, it is imperative to follow the action plan which speaks in the first point of the orientations of the document “Ready for take off” of the ICAO and in second on the joint work of the Task Force of the Council of the ICAO and States for the reopening of borders in complete safety.

In developing the Take-off guidance, the team had three important elements: safety, security and efficiency. Aviation is an engine of economic recovery, hence the importance of restoring confidence among passengers, aviation workers and the general public and promoting public health.

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