Drivers Strike: What to do in this case?

Imagine a little bit about the scenario ... You bought your plane ticket, packed your bags, planned everything for your trip, and when you arrive at the airport or sometimes well before, you are told that There is a pilot strike in your airline, and your flight will be delayed or canceled!

What to do in this kind of situation? and what are your rights in case of delay or cancellation of your flight?

What exactly does an airline pilot do?

The technical navigator, known as the pilot, has the role of ensuring the smooth running of the flight, being responsible for the management of his crew, (co-drivers, stewardesses and stewards). He must liaise with ground services (such as air traffic controllers) while being informed of weather conditions, fuel, routes, to fly the aircraft. For his career, he acts as co-pilot and then evolves to the duties of captain .

Why does he sometimes resort to the strike?

Generally, it is the unions like the National Syndicate of the Drivers of Line (SNPL) in France, and the associations of aviation, composed of pilots of line who organize the strikes and negotiate their demands with the airline companies, most of which are the salary increase, and the improvement of the working conditions. A strike can last a few hours up to several days, it will depend on the rhythm of negotiations between the two parts.

What to do in the event of a pilot strike?

● Check the website of the airline or the airport ... try to find out more about the strike. You may be able to find other useful information.
● Make sure to check in at check-in time, this may be a short-term air strike, and you may be redirected to another flight close to yours.
● To avoid getting stuck at the airport, and if the airline has decided to redirect you to another flight, ask about the exact time, this will save you from waiting days at the airport.
● You can ask to be reimbursed for your airline ticket by the airline. The reimbursement does not depend on the indemnity, but only on the price of the plane ticket.

What are the rights of passengers in the event of a pilot strike?

Whatever the cause of the disruption of your flight, be it a strike of the staff of the airline (pilots, cabin crew, ground staff) or exceptional circumstances (such as weather conditions, political conditions, unforeseen conditions related flight safety, or airport staff strikes), the airline must pick you up at the airport, offering you two free communications (email, phone), refreshments and meals, as well as accommodation and transportation to it, if necessary ... and this for:

● If the delay lasts more than 2 hours on flights of less than 1500 km
● If there is a delay of 3 hours or more for flights in the European Union of more than 1500 km
● If there is a delay of 3 hours or more for all other flights from 1500 to 3500 km
● If there is a delay of 4 hours or more for all flights

If the delay is 5 hours, the passenger can give up his journey, he has the right to be reimbursed his ticket.
In addition to the services offered, the passenger may also be entitled to compensation, following the disruption of his flight, the amount of which depends on the distance of the flight.

What about compensation in the event of a strike by airline pilots?

The European Regulation contains common rules on compensation that airlines must respect in the event of cancellation, denied boarding or delay.
Under these Regulations, the airline is considered liable in the event of a strike by airline pilots. As a result, she is obliged to compensate her passengers. The amount of compensation varies according to the route:

● € 250 for journeys of 1500 kilometers or less.
● € 400 for those between 1,500 and 3,500 kilometers and for all intra-community flights over 1,500 kilometers.
● € 600 beyond 3500 kilometers.

The passenger is not entitled to compensation if:
• he is redirected to another flight close to his
• he was informed of the delay or cancellation of his flight within two weeks of departure
• the disruption (delay or cancellation) is due to extraordinary circumstances, for which the company is not liable.

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