“Istanbul” … The biggest airport in the world

President Erdogan Recep Tayyip inaugurated on Monday 29 October 2018 in Istanbul a new airport destined to become “the biggest airport in the world”.

The president said “This new airport will be the pride of our country and will be a model for the world” then revealing the name of the airport: “Istanbul”, adding that Istanbul is a big brand of the biggest city of Turkey.

This was revealed at a grand ceremony on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, with the presence of the leaders of the Balkan countries and Central Asia, as well as the emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al -Thani or the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir.

The area of ​​the “hup” will be 76.5 million square meters, according to what has been declared. From next January, all flights will be transferred from Ataturk Airport, with more than 300 destinations, including 250 international flights, will be served.

The airport has an initial capacity of 90 million passengers a year, which allows it to join the top 5 globally. In 2028, the new airport will reach a capacity of 200 million passengers a year, nearly double the Atlanta US airport, which currently ranks first.

The IGA said, among other things, that once the four phases of construction and expansion are complete, “Istanbul” will have six runways and two terminals spread over a 76 square kilometer site.



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